drive in preaching

Rev. Jim McIlrath of Taylors United Methodist Church stands in front of a trailer outside the day care next to the church that will be used as a pulpit Sunday for a drive-in church service. McIlrath wants to offer people an opportunity to attend church safely with all the current social distancing in place, and decided to have folks drive up, park in the parking lot, and enjoy a sermon and some music on Sunday. According to McIlrath, the idea came from the Jesus Festival days, several of which he was a part of, which were big Christian music festivals attended by thousands of people. The theme of the preacher’s sermon this week will be hope, and it will begin at 11 a.m. Sunday. McIlrath says that as long as the Bishop orders Methodist sanctuaries closed on Sundays due to the coronavirus threat, he will continue to offer live Sunday services as an alternative to the YouTube route that several churches have resorted to.