Glynn County property transfers involving a monetary exchange recorded the week of Feb. 3 through Feb. 7 by the Glynn County Superior Court Clerk of Courts:

Seller: Solid Rock Holdings LLC

Buyer: Campbell Construction LLC

Price: $24,000

Location: Clearwater

Seller: Michael W. East

Buyer: Gordon Strother

Price: $14,000

Location: Lakes

Seller: Carolyn A. Warren

Buyer: VAMG Enterprises LLC

Price: $40,000

Location: N/A

Seller: Emily Measley

Buyer: Lori McLamb

Price: $18,000

Location: Ridgewood Plantation

Seller: Neil R. Foster

Buyer: Sonny Bisoondath

Price: $45,000

Location: Urbana

Seller: Lynn T. Barksdale

Buyer: Kathy P. Powers

Price: $500,000

Location: Neptune Place Townhomes

Seller: Mark W. Fugate

Buyer: Arthur Canton III

Price: $470,000

Location: Toluca Landing

Seller: Flanagan Development LLC

Buyer: Trey James Stephens

Price: $395,000

Location: Forest Park

Seller: Lan X. Nguyen

Buyer: Michael A. Meadows

Price: $217,500

Location: Hidden Lakes

Seller: Karen Babson

Buyer: Paulino Castillo Duran

Price: $40,000

Location: Mayhew

Seller: Evergreen Partners LLC

Buyer: MAA Jagdamba LLC

Price: $765,000

Location: Glynn Place Commercial Park

Seller: Sherrie J. Traylor

Buyer: James O’Reilly

Price: $185,000

Location: Windward Acres

Seller: Elizabeth H. Gilmore

Buyer: Marshside Windfall LLC

Price: $225,000

Location: Kelvin Grove

Seller: Mary Ashley Seabolt

Buyer: Christian William Jordan

Price: $540,000

Location: Kelvin Grove

Seller: Rebecca Ann Massey

Buyer: Shaw Nuff Ventures LLC

Price: $112,000

Location: Moss Creek Villas

Seller: Drigger Homes Inc.

Buyer: Aubrey Lynn Hess Reedy

Price: $190,400

Location: Bridgewater

Seller: Sonny Bissondath

Buyer: BKL LAL Enterprises LLC

Price: $50,000

Location: Urbana

Seller: Christopher A. Carter

Buyer: Richard A. Jacobs

Price: $2.475 million

Location: North End

Seller: LBB Holdings

Buyer: Harrison Gibbons, Jr.

Price: $35,000

Location: Brunswick Villa, Inc.

Seller: We Buy Houses 912 LLC

Buyer: Jorge De Jesus Zavaleta

Price: $10,000

Location: Town Commons

Seller: Brandon E. Bartell

Buyer: Paul Monahan

Price: $275,400

Location: Barnes Plantation

Seller: Michael G. Gowen

Buyer: Christopher McLarty

Price: $630,000

Location: Wesley Oaks

Seller: Andrea L. Chappelle

Buyer: Jeffrey P. Fountain

Price: $327,500

Location: Oglethorpe Park

Seller: Ford Street Properties

Buyer: S & D Properties 2019 LLC

Price: $330,000

Location: Sea Palms Point Plaza

Seller: Ricky A. Williams

Buyer: Jimmy Driggers

Price: $223,000

Location: Village Green

Seller: William H. Anderson II

Buyer: Carlin OFC LLC

Price: $1.53 million

Location: Forest Cottages

Seller: Chastine J. Schoen

Buyer: Charles Higginbotham

Price: $150,000

Location: Country Club

Seller: Mary J. Long

Buyer: Daniel Porvalik

Price: $50,000

Location: Old Town

Seller: Don H. Ware, Jr.

Buyer: 20th Hole LLC

Price: $733,000

Location: St. Simons Island Club

Seller: Kelly A. Brannen trustee

Buyer: Chad C. Bailey

Price: $255,000

Location: St. Simons Island Club

Seller: Habitat for Humanity

Buyer: Quincy Armstrong

Price: $79,200

Location: Susie Harris Estate

Seller: Larry E. Brumit

Buyer: Robert E. Knight

Price: $70,000

Location: South Union

Seller: Joe Leroy Johnson

Buyer: Jennifer Robin Beato

Price: $15,000

Location: Dixville

Seller: Brenda Kayle Lewis

Buyer: Jennifer Robin Beato

Price: $15,000

Location: Dixville

Seller: Anthony M. Cason, Sr.

Buyer: Joan W. Long

Price: $160.000

Location: Sandalwood

Seller: June De Lorenzo Galland

Buyer: Mike Malone

Price: $155,000

Location: Glynn Haven Estates

Seller: Loanne Hamje

Buyer: Melinda Laager

Price: $655,000

Location: Villas at Frederica

Seller: Vickie E. Williams

Buyer: H. Blaine Peacock III

Price: $478,000

Location: North Breakers

Seller: B&W RE Partners LLC

Buyer: Lindsay Harlander

Price: $2.825 million

Location: Sea Island

Seller: Pamela Louise Dixon

Buyer: Richard M. Kemp

Price: $23,000

Location: Dock Junction