Dr. Stephen Pappas, a neurologist and pain specialist, is an expert in treating back pain. He has helped countless patients find relief from debilitating conditions.

Back pain can have a debilitating impact on those suffering from it. Approximately one in ten people in the United States suffer from low back pain, most cases of which can be prevented and effectively treated according to Stephen Pappas, MD, a neurologist and pain specialist.

A bruised back or mild stiffness may not require the help of a specialist.

Such issues will likely disappear shortly enough to make medical attention unnecessary.

It is recommended that people suffering with back pain visit a doctor if they experience numbness or tingling in their back, legs or arms; suffer pain after a fall; and/or are feeling pain with additional symptoms, including fever, trouble passing urine or unexplained weight loss.

Such symptoms indicate that the back pain is more than just a temporary nuisance, and something that may need to be treated by a neurologist.

During your visit, Dr. Pappas will obtain a thorough medical history of your symptoms, perform a detailed neurological examination and recommend appropriate tests to determine the origin of your pain.

Identifying the cause can help to develop an appropriate and effective course of treatment. The most common causes of back pain include bulging discs, pinched nerves, arthritis, muscle spasms or strains, and sciatica, a nerve condition that goes from the lower back through the · hips. Some cases of back pain are a result of poor posture or tight muscles.

• Exercise regularly. Regular exercises such as riding a bicycle or swimming can improve strength and flexibility in the back. More complex exercises, such as yoga, also have been recommended to sufferers of back pain. Yoga improves flexibility and builds strength while also promoting strong bones which can reduce a person’s risk of injury. Injuries that limit movement can increase a person’s risk of developing back pain, so an exercise routine that builds flexibility and strong bones can be an effective way to manage or even prevent back pain.

• Sit up straight at work. Many people can trace their back pain to their offices, where uncomfortable chairs and poorly positioned desks don’t provide the necessary support men and women need to reduce or prevent back pain.

Chairs should provide adequate lower back support and desks should be at a comfortable height that does not force the body to hunch or place itself in another awkward position just to get work done. When sitting, make sure you are sitting upright with your shoulders relaxed and your body against the back of your chair.

• Don’t resort to too much rest. Long-time sufferers of back pain no doubt recall a time when physicians would prescribe rest to treat back pain. But too much sitting around has now been shown to worsen back pain. If you must rest, do so for only a day or two before gradually becoming more active.

Swimming or walking can be great and less physically taxing ways to acclimate your body to physical activity after resting for a day or two due to back pain.

Studies have shown that back pain is prevalent across the globe. Coping with back pain is often painful, but there are healthy ways for men and women to manage their back pain and start feeling good again.

Persistent back pain that interferes with your work or daily activities requires appropriate evaluation and treatment with an experienced and knowledgeable specialist.

Dr. Pappas and his staff will tailor your treatment to the specific cause of your pain. Treatment options include appropriate use of medications, injection techniques when necessary and physical therapy along with detailed instruction on prevention of further injury.

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