The PGA Tour golfers and their wives split into teams with children from Altama Elementary School for the eighth annual Wiffle Ball Classic on Tuesday night out.

After seven long years of losing to the tour players, the wives finally got the best of their husbands, defeating them 12-6.

While the actual game is fun and most cannot tell if the adults or kids are having more fun, it’s more about the cause.

The first Wiffle Ball Classic was in 2011 and since then the event has raised $121,500 for Blessing In a Backpack. They play for six innings out on Frederica Academy’s baseball field, and this time had players from the Knights baseball team pitch for both squads.

Blessing In a Backpack is a nonprofit organization that provides food on the weekends to elementary school children who might otherwise not have it at home.

The kids selected in this event earned their spots through Altama Elementary’s “Positive Behavior Initiative and Support” program.

The captains for Tuesday night’s game were husband and wife duo, Peter and Alicia Malnati. They recently had a baby, and Peter had the little boy strapped to his chest the entire game. These two got competitive, and when he called a timeout, the girls did one as well.

This event allowed the golfers and their wives to interact with some of the Golden Isles youth, and it showed all over the kids face how much fun they had.

“This is the eighth year that this event has been going on, and it’s our first win,” Alicia Malnati said about her team’s win. “So to be part of that was special. The girls had so much fun. I think just to be cheering, and the atmosphere was cool. In one of the innings, we had five runs, and that was pretty cool. To see them make some catches, get some outs, and get some hits that were so much fun.”

While the score looks like the ladies handled the men fairly straightforward, it started tight through the first three innings. Then the girls scored five runs in one inning, and the guys never could recover from it.

This event is one of many that the PGA wives do throughout the year to raise money for various causes.

Malnati says that this event is so special to not only her but for the entire tour family.

“It’s a special event, great for the community and the PGA tour family to bring these fantastic kids, who earned their spot here tonight from positive behavior,” Malnati said. “To have such a fun event and make it a little competitive to beat those boys, it’s fun. I think they’ll go home and talk about it, and I know me and my husband are going to talk about it for sure. To have an easy-going fun night where we can play together and have fun is really nice.”

The event also gave out two VIP passes to the Cole Swindle concert on Saturday as well.

Tuesday was the first of many events this week as the Golden Isles welcomes the RSM Classic and the PGA Tour golfers and let them have a little fun before the tournament begins on Thursday.

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