Glynn Academy finishes up the regular season tonight against Bradwell Institute for Senior Night. After defeating Effingham last week 35-10, Glynn is on a two-game winning streak and looking to make it three against the Tigers.

Red Terrors coach Rocky Hidalgo said despite having back-to-back wins, he wants his team to execute well, not just win.

“To me, it’s not so much about winning and losing but more about how the team plays,” Hidalgo said. “I’ve had our kids play great and lose a game and not play well and win games. I just want our kids to go out and play well if we play well, we will have opportunities to win.”

However, he said he felt like the team has gotten better in the last two weeks.

“I feel like we’ve made some strides,” Hidalgo said. “Especially on Friday night, I want to see some improvement and see if we play well. Any step better or step forward in our execution, and I feel like we did that against Effingham. Hopefully, we will do it again this week.”

Last week, Bradwell played Brunswick and had a lot of success running the ball against the Pirates. The Tigers amassed 274 yards on the ground, 104 through the air, and 378 total offense against Brunswick. Between their quarterback Dariuse Cooper, running back Kaimanni Gordan, and wideout Quintarius Champman, the Tigers have playmakers.

Cooper not only made plays with his legs as he collected 83 yards against the Pirates but also through the air. He completed 6-of-11 for 104 yards and one interception last week. However, it was Gordan that gave the Pirates fits. He toted the rock 12 times for 143 yards and one touchdown.

“Bradwell is very talented on offense, lots of skill on the offensive side of the ball,” Hidalgo said. “Quarterback, running back, receiver, so they can get some big plays on you. We got to tackle them if they get out in space, make them drive the field, make them execute over and over and over again.”

Glynn Academy will have to get a little creative against Bradwell as Hidalgo said they’re going to load the line of scrimmage with players.

“Defensively, they get in an eight-man front, so we’re going to have to run the ball against a loaded box some,” Hidalgo said. “When we throw the ball, we got to make plays down the field. We’re going to have some opportunities in the play-action pass. We’ve got to throw it, catch it and protect the quarterback.”

As an option-based team, the Terrors will have to force Bradwell to play assignment football and use the option style offense to their advantage.

“You have to formation them in certain situations where you’re getting guys removed from the box,” Hidalgo said. “You have to do some things in the option game. So we’re going to eliminate some guys against the run because a guy has to take the quarterback, a guy has to take the pitch. We got to play-action pass those guys some.”

Hidalgo knows that Bradwell’s goal is to stop the run, so the Terrors may have to break it down to the basics and win it the trenches.

“They’re aggressive against the run, so you make them come upfield and play the run and throw the ball over their head. It’s a variety of things,” Hidalgo said. “The other thing is sometimes you just have to block people, hand the ball off, push people around, and get you three or four yards.”

However, regardless, Hidalgo said that it comes down to one thing, and he’s preached that all season.

“Again, it’s about execution,” Hidalgo said. “I think our kids are going to come out and play hard, and we just have to make sure that we execute better than they do.”

It’s Senior Night for the Red Terrors as they will get honored before the game. While it’s bittersweet for the players playing in their last regular-season game, Hidalgo said this group is full of nothing but good kids who are Terrors through and through.

“They’re a great group of kids, they really are,” Hidalgo said. “They come to work every day, they work hard. You don’t get a lot of complaints out of them. They’re Terrors through and through. There are some really good people in this senior class, in addition to some really good players. I’ll miss them all, but next year it’ll be a new group of seniors that’ll get the chance to leave their legacy.”

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