Glynn Academy hosted Valdosta for the annual fall scrimmage against Valdosta on Friday as the Red Terrors got blown out by the Wildcats 70-20.

Tate Rodemaker and the Valdosta offense had no problem scoring as the senior quarterback went 18-of-27 for 306 yards, four touchdowns, and an interception.

At the beginning of the game, both defenses played lights out and made some excellent plays. Then Valdosta got rolling on offense.

The Wildcats struck gold first with a field goal to go up 3-0 after the Glynn Academy defense had good coverage and forced the wideout to drop the ball. On the kickoff, Glynn fumbled the football and coughed up the ball after getting forcing Valdosta to kick.

Valdosta got the ball on the 17-yard line and quickly scored making it 11-0 with 2:30 left in the opening quarter.

The Wildcats forced a punt and Glynn Academy punter Chase Gabriel sailed one for 48 yards which put Valdosta back to its 30-yard line. On first down, Rodamaker dropped back to pass, and Byron Bacon picked off the ball and took it to the house for a 50-yard return making is 11-7 with 25 seconds left in the first.

Valdosta took over again on its 20-yard line, and Rodamaker hit Jaheim Bell for a 63-yard touchdown making it 18-9 with 11:39 to go in the half.

Despite the turnover, Glynn couldn’t find a way to hold the momentum on defense. When the Red Terrors took over on offense starting quarterback, hit Paul Hegeman for a considerable gain giving Glynn some more momentum.

However, the play didn’t stand as a personal foul penalty forced the Red Terrors back toward the middle of the field. The Wildcats defense forced a punt but fumbled the ball, and Glynn Academy recovered deep into Valdosta’s territory.

That penalty took the gas out of the offense, and they couldn’t produce any points. When Valdosta got the ball back, Glynn’s defensive penalties helped the Wildcats drive down the field. A couple of mistakes by Valdosta pushed the Wildcats back toward the middle of the field.

Then Rodemaker hit Willie Brown for a 50-yard touchdown pass making it 25-7 with 1:16 left in the opening half. Glynn Academy fumbled the ball on its next possession and Valdosta recovered. Rodemaker hit Brown again with the same play as the touchdown before for a 33-yard touchdown pass.

With 15 seconds to go in the half, Valdosta led 32-7.

Glynn’s defense came out in the second half and made some good plays in coverage. Three different passes and all three Terror defenders found a way to make sure the receiver didn’t catch it.

The Red Terrors got the ball back but coughed it up again as Lewis threw his first interception of the game that got returned for a touchdown as Valdosta took a 39-7 lead over Glynn Academy.

Glynn’s punter helped out his team a lot as he averaged 46.7 yards a punt. Rodemaker threw his final touchdown pass of the game to Bell for 20 yards making it 46-7 with 4:31 left in the third quarter.

The Red Terrors went back to work on offense and hit Hegeman on the same play over the middle for another 15 yard gain. Lewis threw another interception for a 65-yard return giving Valdosta the 53-7 lead.

Glynn Academy fumbled again, and the Wildcats recovered. However, Glynn’s defense found a way to stop Valdosta and took over. The Red Terrors found a burst of offense as Nolan Grant took one 71 yards to the house and gave Glynn it’s only offensive touchdown of the game.

Valdosta quickly answered with its own 74-yard run and took a 60-14 lead with 11:14 left in the game. Once this touchdown happened, the junior varsity guys came in, and a running clock started. Glynn found a way to get into the end zone again but so did Valdosta ending the game with a 70-20 score.

The Red Terrors had a hard night with 13 penalties for 120 yards and six turnovers, including four fumbles and two interceptions.

Despite the mistakes and score, Glynn Academy coach Rocky Hidalgo said that he isn’t going to put much into this game and accept it for what it was, a scrimmage.

“I think our kids played hard,” Hidalgo said. “We’re missing three offensive linemen. I knew coming into the game it was going to be tough to move the football. Defensively, I think we played hard. We made mistakes and gave up points.

“It is what it is. It’s ugly, but it’s a scrimmage game, I’m not going to put much into it. I like kind of getting my kids nose rubbed in a little bit, so they can come back and focus. I think we need that. I think Monday we come back and get after it.”

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