Glynn Academy’s football team found a way to win Friday night as they went on the road and defeated Winder-Barrow 21-14.

The Red Terrors defense got the first score of the ball game as Cameron Joseph blocked a Bulldogg punt and returned it for a touchdown.

Glynn Academy led 7-0 after the first quarter.

Winder-Barrow responded by scoring off a Glynn Academy fumble toting it 55-yards for the score. However, they missed the extra point, which made the score 7-6 in the second quarter.

Glynn Academy’s T.J. Lewis connected with David Prince for a 31-yard pass to make it 14-7 at the half.

Terrors’ running back Caden Hutchinson opened the half up with a big 18-yard run, but shortly after, the Terrors failed to keep the drive alive. This trend happened multiple times throughout the game. Glynn would get a little momentum here and there, but the Bulldoggs defense would either find a way to stop them, would have a penalty or a turnover would happen.

Coach Rocky Hidalgo wasn’t very happy with how his guys play, but was glad they got the win.

“We didn’t play very well,” Hidalgo said. “We got a lot of work to do. I’m happy we won. I think defensively, we played really hard, but there were too many mistakes. Offensively we didn’t do a whole lot of things right tonight, and that was disappointing.”

Winder-Barrow opened up the second half and scored in the third quarter. Starting quarterback, Trevor Summerfield connected with Stewart Allen for a 49-yard touchdown. Then J.C. Green toted it in for the two-point conversion making it 14-14.

The two teams knocked heads throughout the ball game, executing off each other’s mistakes.

While the offense couldn’t get a lot of rhythm going, Hidalgo thought his defenses’ effort was good.

“We played tough on defense all night long. I was proud of our effort,” Hidalgo said. “I think there are some things I think we can do better over there. We played hard-nosed, physical football over there and controlled the game all night long. That’s the reason we walked out of there with a win.”

As the fourth quarter progressed, it went back and forth until Joseph Beckham made a huge play by intercepting Summerfield.

However, it was Lewis who made the big play to give the Terrors the win. He juked and made folks miss scoring on a 25-yard run to make it 21-14.

“It was a huge play at that moment. We needed a big play,” Hidalgo said. “We were going to have to win with a big play because we couldn’t put together two plays back to back where all 11 guys did the correct thing. It was going to be a big play that won the game or a big play that lost the game.”

Glynn Academy improves to 2-1 on the season as the Terrors head into the first bye week of the season.

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