Frederica Academy takes on Bulloch Academy tonight for senior night and the final regular-season game.

After a tough loss last week to John Milledge Academy, the Knights are looking to head into the playoffs with a big win. Frederica Academy coach Brandon Derrick said that this week was about getting back to work.

“I think so far, we put it behind us. We had to go to work and get better,” Derrick said. “We’ve got to try to get a little bit healthier and hopefully be able to get through it this Friday. We got a few guys nicked up and banged up, so just have to get ready to go. You have to put it behind you and go play. That’s why we got another Friday.”

This week Derrick said that the team worked on fixing some of those mistakes from last week.

“Ball security is a big thing on offense, protect the ball, don’t make any stupid mistakes, and try to cut down on penalties,” Derrick said. “The other thing is defensively, pursue the ball. Everybody needs to read their keys and get to the football, so those are the big things we’ve worked on this week.”

As for Bulloch Academy, they’re a run-heavy team, and Derrick said they’re big up front and could be a tall task for his team.

“It’s going to be a challenge for us because of depth,” Derrick said. “They may wear us down, but we’re going to have to rotate as many guys as we can. Hopefully, we can slow them down upfront and maybe get a couple of scores on them. Maybe make them do stuff they’re not accustomed to on offense. For us offensively, we’ve got to stay on blocks better, we got to protect the football, and hopefully make some big plays.”

With it being the final home game of the season, it’s also senior night for the Knights. Ten players will get honored tonight, and Derrick said that this, like most groups, this one is special.

“You coach them, and you have them, and these guys here I’ve been around some of them for seven years. It’s my seventh year of being with them,” Derrick said. “All of them are great kids, and they work hard. It’s a good senior group of kids. They’ve battled, we were very talented last year, and they knew we weren’t going to be as talented this year. But they’ve worked hard and competed well at times. So I’m excited for them to take that next step, but at the same time, we hate to lose them, they’re a great group of kids.”

Tonight will be a tough one for the Knight as they’re banged up and have some guys out due to injury. However, there is some incentive here. If Frederica wins, the Knights will host the first round of the playoffs next week.

Currently, the Knights are No. 2 in the GISA Region 2 3A standings behind Pinewood Christian. Regardless, Frederica secured a second seed but would earn hosting rights with a win over the Gators.

The Knights are currently 4-4 and 2-1 in the region as they look to send out the seniors on top with a big win over Bulloch Academy.

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