Kanaya Charlton

Brunswick High offensive lineman Kanaya Charlton lines up in his stance during spring football practice.

Kanaya Charlton is a rising sophomore that plays on Brunswick High’s offensive line and after Friday, holds offers from three different SEC schools.

At 6-foot-5 and 300-pounds, his size alone draws attention. This spring, Charlton had coaches coming from all over the country to watch him practice, and now the schools are inviting him to their camps.

The last two weeks have been busy for Charlton as he participated in Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, and South Carolina’s football camps. His next stop is Auburn where he will attend the Tigers camp today.

Auburn was the first school to offer him on May 21. Kentucky offered him on June 8 while at camp, and South Carolina followed as the Gamecocks offered him on June 14 at their camp.

Brunswick coach Sean Pender said that the various coaches seem pleased with Charlton’s abilities on the field and how offer No. 4 could happen sooner than later for the rising sophomore. He also said that the home school, Georgia wants to continue to evaluate him and see how he grows.

“Right now, Georgia’s extremely interested, but they haven’t offered him yet,” Pender said. “Coach Pittman wants to evaluate him and see how he grows throughout the year before he puts an offer to him. Florida is very interested, and they’re about to pull the trigger, but they haven’t done it yet.”

To have three SEC offers be a player’s first is quite an achievement. Pender said the offers are of course, huge, and it can only mean more will come. However, he said that Charlton doesn’t necessarily care where the offers come from that any school big or small is on the table. What matters to Charlton is where he fits in best on and off the field.

“Kanaya’s the type of kid that honestly, it doesn’t matter to him what size school you are,” Pender said. “With Kanaya, it matters about the fit. What he’s looking for not only in the athletic arena but in the academic arena as well.”

When asked if he had a dream school, the rising sophomore said no.

“I don’t have a dream school,” Charlton said. “My dream is to find a school that will provide me with an excellent source of education and allows me to earn many opportunities after finishing my degree. I want to be able to have the resources to find a great job so that I can provide for my family.”

This comment isn’t what most recruits would say about getting the opportunity to play college football. Most prospects have a favorite school or a place they have envisioned themselves playing.

Pender said that between him and coach Garrett Grady they’ve talked to Charlton about remaining humble because he is already pulling in high profile offers and that they were going to continue to come.

“We told him even before these offers came about staying humble and appreciative, understanding what you’re coming from and that these offers are based on potential more than performance,” Pender said. “He has to continue to work and do what he needs to do and remember how hard he’s work to get to where he’s at and continue to prove it every day and don’t let it go to his head.”

The past two weeks likely tested his humbleness, especially after getting offers on the spot from Kentucky and South Carolina, but the rising sophomore seems to be taking it all in and enjoying the ride.

Charlton had good things to say about each camp that he has been to so far but said that he had the most fun at Kentucky.

“The most fun camp was at The University of Kentucky because the number of reps I earned and the drill work before the competition started,” Charlton said. “It was a great environment, and I had a great time touring the football facility. I had a great camp where I competed and did well in all the drills.”

Charlton said that he is blessed and that it means a lot that the college coaches are willing to invest in him. He also talked about each camp and how it went.

“I enjoyed all these camps because of the coaches and different competition at my position at each camp,” Charlton said. “Florida’s camp was a great learning experience. I learned some different techniques that could help me become a better offensive lineman.

“Georgia was a great workout session for me. I worked hard and learned how important it is to be explosive and move fast at this camp. South Carolina’s camp really helped me with run and pass game fundamentals. They had many stations of drill work that can sharpen my abilities.”

Charlton’s next camp is today at Auburn. He said that he’s excited for the opportunity to continue working on his craft along with getting to see the Tigers football facilities and meeting the coaches. It’ll be his first time on campus.

While he may only be a rising sophomore and his college recruitment is just beginning, Charlton said he just wants to keep working hard and get better.

“The recruiting process has been very exciting and fun so far,” Charlton said. “I look forward to keeping my head down and continuing to work hard and get stronger and more explosive this summer. I also want to keep working on my mental toughness and how to respond to adversity and develop into the team’s leader.”

Despite all the things that could happen between now and the time Charlton has to decide on where to play college ball, Pender believes that Charlton stays true to himself through it all.

“The thing about Kanaya is that he is a very humble individual,” Pender said. “He’s learning the process, and he trusts his coaches and what we’re talking about. I don’t think he’s going to be the type of kid that is going to get the big head, I think these offers are going to continue to come, and I think he’s going to stay humble.”

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