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T.J. Lewis draws back for a pass during the scrimmage on Thursday.

Glynn Academy’s football team hits the road for a second week as the Red Terrors travel to Winder to take on the Winder-Barrow Bulldoggs.

Like the Red Terrors, the Bulldoggs are currently 1-1 after falling to Eastside 14-27 last week. However, Winder won its opening game against Apalachee 34-27.

After a tough road trip to Camden last week, Glynn Academy coach Rocky Hidalgo said that he liked the way his guys played despite some mistakes.

“I think our team showed a lot of grit and a lot of toughness,” Hidalgo said. “I think we played hard, and I can work with it. I left the game excited for what the season holds because of the way our kids played.

“We’ve got to bounce back from a physical game — Friday night’s game was physical. I think coming back and having that type of effort, that type of physicality two weeks in a row early in the season, is going to be really tough. We challenge our kids to get themselves ready to go, and hopefully, the kids will respond.”

Winder-Barrow likes to run the ball and has senior running back J.C. Green leading the way. He has scored all but one of the Bulldoggs touchdowns so far this season. Green has 32 carries for 259 yards so far this season and averages 8.1 yards a carry.

Hidalgo said they run a very 2020 style offense.

“On the offense, Winder-Barrow is big upfront. They come off the ball well,” Hidalgo said. “They’re going to run a 2020 offense which is kind of RPO with a sniffer and tailback. They also run a one-back power and some gap schemes in there and throw the ball out on the perimeter.”

The Bulldoggs average about 156 yards on the ground and 89.5 through the air. Much like the Terrors, who are a run dominate team, Hidalgo and his staff will have to face a familiar face.

Ed Dudley, the head coach at Winder-Barrow, was the head coach at Walton with Hidalgo as the defensive coordinator. Hidalgo landed the head coaching job after Dudley left for Ware County.

“Ed and I are very similar — similar styles. We’re going to push our kids to try to get the best out of our kids,” Hidalgo said. “His teams are going to be fundamentally sound. They’re going to play incredibly hard. Like me, he’s prone to fake a punt or a field goal. So we got to be ready for those types of things. I learned a lot from him — we’ll figure out how much we learned and how much he kept in his back pocket on Friday night.”

Glynn Academy’s offense will have to deal with another tough and big defense on Friday night. Winder’s leading tackler is Chandler Maxwell, who has 35 total tackles, including 21 solos. The Bulldoggs also have Jacob Merrifield, who leads the team in tackles for loss with seven.

Hidalgo said his offense will have to do a better job blocking on the perimeter to run that offense successfully.

“They’re four down on defense — big, thick, strapping kids, they play really hard. We’re going to have to pitch the ball on the perimeter and block well on the perimeter. We got to improve our blocking out there. We didn’t block very well on the perimeter versus Camden County. That’s one of the things we’ve got to improve, especially with what we do offensively.”

However, for the Terrors to get the job done, they must continue building continuity. With a few of the offensive linemen getting hurt, there will be guys getting their first and second starts there, so he wants them to find a way to play together.

“ I felt like some guys play — Nick Munchinson played very well, Nic DeMarzo played pretty well,” Hidalgo said. “We’ve got a couple of guys who are going to be starting, you know, their first and second start — Quammy Rhodes started versus MCA and did fairly well — he’s got a big upside. The other side of that is he is really raw. So any game experience — Garrett Hosey, I want to see how he comes out there and compete for 48 minutes.”

One of the things Hidalgo wants to see from his guys this week is not so much being leaders but showing maturity as a whole.

“I want to see our kids come back and be mature, handle setbacks, take coaching and handle criticism — all those things. Those are part of that mix that chemical compound that makes up a football team. That ends up enabling you to make runs in the playoffs. I think this team’s got the makeup to do that if we can stay healthy, especially on the offensive line.”

Winder-Barrow and Glynn kick off the game at 7:30 p.m. at the Bulldoggs’ stadium.

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