Golden Isles Yoshukai Karate recently competed in the Tang Soo Do Invitational Tournament held in St. Mary’s.

Sensei Lonnie Kelley brought a small group of his beginner and intermediate students to compete for the first time in the local tournament. Competition was tough as his students had never faced off against another martial arts style, but they persevered and proved themselves to be true champions.

Each student placed in their division, many winning gold medals. Alexis H., Lukase B., and Thomas A, each won multiple gold medals. Candace Bronson earned a gold and silver medal, and Ryland B. took home a pair of bronze medals.

Sensei Kelley also competed and won gold in Adult Black Belt Forms in the first competitive event the class had attended since the pandemic. Golden Isles Yoshukai holds classes for both kids and adults at the Golden Isles YMCA.

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