Bobby Brockman has been a pillar in the community for 25 years.

At the Glynn Academy boys soccer banquet Monday at Village Creek Landing, the program showed its support for the head coach by surprising him with a plaque honoring his service and dedication to the Red Terrors.

Brockman was assisting with the Ralph Lundy Soccer Academy when he first heard of the job opening at Glynn Academy. Lundy recommended Brockman for the position and he turned down an interview with the police academy to try his hand at coaching.

Twenty-five years later, Brockman has yet to regret his decision.

“This is just a special place,” Brockman said. “It’s a special place to live. It’s a special place to teach, I’m a sixth-grade teacher and have done that for 20 years, taught fifth grade for five years over at Altama, been part of the club for 25 years.

“I’m the type of guy that, if I’m happy, I stay where I’m at and keep doing what Im doing.”

Glynn County athletic director Steve Waters has worked with Brockman for seven years in his current capacity, but he’s known him for 20 years as his daughter grew up playing soccer for Brockman.

Waters believes its Brockman’s investment, not only in the Glynn Academy program, but the sport of soccer in the community at large that makes him a special coach.

“In this day and age, everybody is looking for the next great thing,” Waters said. “From players to coaches, they’re looking for the next great job or the next great team they can play for.

“Bobby has been here. He invested in this community from Day 1, and he’s grown this program. That’s why he wins consistently every year is because the hard work and dedication he puts into the young kids that grow up and eventually play for him.”

Brockman added: “It’s always nice when you start with little, little kids, and that’s one thing that I was able to do in a community of this size, is to get to know basically all my players before they ever got to Glynn Academy.

“They knew the kind of soccer I like to play. I knew their strengths and weaknesses, and then when they get to GA, we can hit the ground running on improving those weaknesses and strengthening their strengths.”

Brockman’s affinity for his team was easy to see at Glynn Academy’s banquet as he took the time to tell personal anecdotes about and poke fun of every player from the freshmen to the seniors. Clay Watkins and Jon Henry Butler, a couple of four-year starters for the Terrors, also took a moment to share some heartfelt words about their coach.

Donna Collins of Teen Maze also revealed Brockman was the first to call her and offer his condolences when her son Dalton passed away the day before he was to graduate from Glynn Academy.

“What Bobby means to the community, more than just soccer, you could tell at the banquet tonight,” Waters said. “These players genuinely love him and care for him. He does a lot for the kids outside of soccer that people just don’t even know about.”

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