Brunswick High and Glynn Academy had 32 players combined named Monday to the Region 2-6A all-region football team.

Glynn Academy had 10 players named to the first team, with another nine receiving an honorable mention.

One the offensive side of the ball, quarterback Sam Wagner, running back Nolan Grant, wide receiver Quantavious Bostic, offensive linemen Shane Wells and Trevor Timmons were named to the Region 2-6A first team. Drez Wilcox, Jimmy Decker, Caden Hutchinson and T.J. Lewis received honorable mentions for the Red Terrors.

Five Terrors, defensive lineman Torrez Davis, defensive back Byron Bacon, kicker Chase Gabriel and linebackers E.J. Thomas and Tyshaun Wallace, were named to the first defensive team. Jordan Swain, James Dyal, Tyshawn Lang, Jaiden Mitter and Reese Snow, were given honorable mentions.

Terrors’ head football coach Rocky Hidalgo said players named to the first team are designated by opposing coaches who compare them with other region athletes who play the same position.

“I felt like our kids deserved to be on the list,” he said. “They’ve got to perform very well.”

Hidalgo said good coaching, athletic ability and hard work enabled the players to earn the honor.

“It’s a combination,” he said. “The players can’t do it alone.”

Ten of the all-region players will return for the Terrors next year, which gives the team some experience. But Hidalgo said they won’t be treated any differently from other players.

“I have high expectations for all our kids, regardless of their year,” he said. “Our players are motivated.”

Six Brunwick High players were also named to the Region 2-6A first team and another seven received an honorable mention.

Defensively for the Pirates, linebacker A.J. Wilson and defensive back Devin Lafayette were named to the first team. Octavious Butler, Justin Akra, Ryan Buckley and Freddie Towns were given an honorable mention.

Wide receivers Chequerdo Foy and Xavier Bean, along with tight end Mitchell Richburg and offensive lineman Warren McClendon were named to the first offensive team. Jaylen Trimmings, Brett Hall and Marlon Carmena earned honorable mentions.

McClendon was chosen as the Atlanta Falcons Power Player of the week on Dec. 2. He will run out of the tunnel with the team for Sunday’s pre game festivities.

And, he will be easy to see for those who plan to watch the game. He will be the guy wearing a Brunswick High football jersey while carrying the flag with the Atlanta Falcons logo on the field.

Pirates’ head football coach Sean Pender said McClendon won the award for what he accomplished on the field, in the classroom and in the community.

“He was the team leader,” Pender said of the senior. “He’ll be missed.”

Being named to as a first-team member of the all-region team is an accomplishment because the selections are made by a consensus of the coaches at all the schools.

“It says something if you get all-region,” he said. “It’s something the kids can put on their resume. It helps build a kid’s profile for college.”

The expectations will be high for every returning player, but those selected to the all-region team will have added pressure.

“They’re going to be more in the public eye,” Pender said.

The players deserve all the credit for doing the hard work needed to earn the recognition, he said. Pender downplayed the important role coaches play in adjusting their offensive and defensive schemes from year to year based on the talent of his players.

“It’s our job to help the kids be successful,” he said. “You always give credit to the players.”

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