Glynn Academy football finished up its youth camp on Friday as the Red Terrors aimed to put the fun in fundamentals this week.

The Red Terrors set up various stations for the kids to learn how to play every position.

Glynn Academy head coach Rocky Hidalgo said the camp is here to teach these young boys fundamentals of the game.

After all the hard work, the coaching staff allows the campers to play capture the flag or a little two-hand touch football to have some fun.

“We let every kid play every position, so every kid works fundamentally at wide receiver, quarterback, and running back at different aspects of the game,” Hildago said about his camp. “We do some agility stuff with them, but we also do individual drill work with them.”

Those individual drills include some basic things that sometimes get left out when these young boys play recreation football.

“We do tackling stations, and we teach the fundamental tackle, we do ball security, we teach how to correctly scoop a football or recover a fumble some very basic things a lot of people gloss over when they’re coaching rec football,” Hidalgo said. “We kind of try and go back and do a lot of that stuff out there.”

This camp is an opportunity for the football team to reach out, connect, and build a brand with the kids of Glynn County.

“I think its good from a community outreach standpoint,” Hidalgo said. “Kind of build our brand with the younger kids. I think it’s important to get kids involved in football and be around some of our players and our coaches, so they have some connection with the program.”

Current high school football players helped out with the drills, played the games with them and made sure the campers had fun. The older group even got into some competition of their own during the agility portion of camp to see who could complete the course the fastest.

After the agility drills, the kids indulged in a popsicle and chatted among each other until it was time to have some fun and play games.

Hidalgo talked about how camps like these are essential for the future of football and making sure the younger generation knows just how fun this sport can be.

“I think it’s really important, and I think it’s more important when I call it fundamentals I think of fun,” Hildago said. “I think you want kids to come out and recognize that football can be really fun. A lot of what you do in football is hard work, it is.

“I mean you can have fun while you’re doing those things, I want the kids to come out and enjoy themselves.”

Campers received a t-shirt for participating in camp and will get to join the team during pregame on August 30 when the high school team takes on Washington.

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