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Frederica Academy’s Jacob Myers speaks to the crowd during his signing day ceremony Wednesday at the school.

As Frederica Academy’s Jacob Myers meticulously thanked the students, teachers, family, friends and coaches that crowded into the lobby of the school’s gym for his signing ceremony Wednesday, he also gave a glimpse into one of the things that makes him a good soccer player.

“He’s always organized and on time,” said FA boys soccer coach Tim O’Sullivan. “For an 18-year-old, he’s got a pretty professional approach.”

Myers signed to continue his soccer career Wednesday by signing with Davidson. It’s a day Myers has chased for years.

“It’s incredible. I’ve been dreaming of this day since I was in middle school,” Myers said.

Myers was looking for academic prestige as much as soccer pedigree when deciding a school. He found the place for him in Davidson, where he said he might take advantage of the school’s renowned economics program.

“I wanted to go to a school that balanced academics and soccer,” Myers said. “It was the perfect fit for me.”

On the pitch, O’Sullivan said Myers is among the most skilled players the Knights have this season.

“He’s a strong technical player for us,” O’Sullivan said. “With the way we play, that’s a really important element of who we are. He’s really set the standard for the whole group in terms of the amount of hours you have to spend with the ball to have that comfort level with the ball.”

Myers credited his coaches with helping him sharpen his skills.

“I’m always trying to get better,” Myers said. “Every single day is a day to increase my abilities. Right now, coach has put me in the best place to be the best player I can be and I’m really grateful for that.”

But before Myers goes to Davidson, he’s got one more goal to achieve for Frederica after the Knights lost in the GISA Class AAA state title game last season.

“It’s time to start working for that state championship,” Myers said.

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