Frederica Academy’s baseball team hosted its annual baseball camp where the campers can learn the fundamentals of baseball and make new friends along the way.

Coach Greg Roberts said this week is about the kids meeting new people, learning the fundamentals and getting acquainted with baseball.

Each day the campers would start the day out doing the same stretches as the high school team, and then the coaches taught them a new fundamental. One day was about infield and outfield fielding while Wednesday was about hitting, bunting and baserunning.

However, throwing and catching were emphasized daily. Roberts said that learning fundamentals at an early age are a major key to being a good baseball player.

“The sooner they can learn fundamentals at a young age, the more things you can work on later,” Roberts said. “Fine tune things as they get older. That’s one thing as a high school coach that, day one we go right to the basic fundamentals and the longer it takes us to get through those things and fix those issues, the longer it takes to move on to better things. The sooner, the better.

“We have some young kids here that we’re just trying to teach them how to catch and throw. That’s a big piece if you can’t catch and throw, this game is really hard to play.”

Roberts said that this week of camp is not only a great opportunity for the campers, but his high school kids as well.

This camp allows kids from all over to come in and learn from Roberts’ program and see what Frederica is all about when it comes to the baseball diamond.

One thing it allows kids to come out here that don’t got to school here and see our campus and lets the parents get on campus,” Roberts said. “It’s a chance to work with good kids, young kids. It’s a great experience for our high school kids to be able to have to see what they were like at one point. So It’s good, it’s fun, the kids seem to have a good time with us. We enjoy doing it.”

Campers got their T-shirts after Wednesday but will still have one more day to come out and learn from Roberts and his staff.

Roberts said that he hopes all these campers regardless of age enjoyed the week and getting to play baseball with Frederica Academy.

“Just enjoying baseball, getting out and getting around kids they don’t know,” Roberts said about what he hopes the campers take away from his camp. “Being around us as coaches and getting familiar with me and our program here. We invite anybody and everybody here to come see what we do at Frederica. That’s the big piece to it all.”

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