Glynn Academy’s basketball team is in the middle of its summer youth basketball camp on Wednesday where coach Terrance Haywood hopes to put the “fun” in fundamentals.

This year is the third year of the camp with Haywood, and he said that there were 35 campers.

Of those 35, kids ranged from fourth grade to rising ninth graders.

All ages played with each other, and those younger kids gave the older ones a run for their money.

Haywood took all the campers through various fundamental drills through most of the camp allotted time. Then they got to play a little king of the court, knockout and then they all got to play against each other in five-on-five scrimmages. The kids also got fed lunch each day from McDonald’s.

“I want to thank McDonald’s on Glynn Avenue for supplying the kids at our camp with meals,” Haywood said. “It’s extremely appreciated and helps us make camp successful.”

Before any of the kids got chicken sandwiches, they had to go through a series of drills.

Campers practiced layups, free throws, and a few different range jump shots. Haywood also broke the group up into center/forwards and shooting guards. The guards went through various dribbling drills and learned how to fake out a defender while going up for a layup.

The big guys learned how to use their power and explode up to make shots after bringing down a rebound.

Fundamentals were the key to this camp and like most sports are a big part of playing basketball.

“It’s huge because I haven’t met a kid that doesn’t love playing basketball,” Haywood said. “If you roll a basketball out anywhere and there are kids around, majority of them are going to go pick up that basketball and play because they feel like if they can get the ball in the hole, you can play. Often its the fundamentals of the game that a lot of them don’t have so times like this we can get in here helps.”

Haywood said that he knows only so much can be done in the three days, but he hopes that the kids take what they learned at camp and keep practicing it year round.

“I know you can show and introduce it to them in these three days, but it’s something they can go and work on once they go home,” Haywood said. “So say yea, ‘coach told me when I’m doing a crossover dribble I got to do this, or coach told me when I’m shooting free throws I have to keep my elbow tight.’ So its stuff they hopefully can learn in here and go and do on their own and continue to get better.”

The camp also allows Haywood to see the rising talent in Glynn County and begin relationships with younger kids that’ll eventually be wearing the red and white uniforms.

“I enjoy camp because it allows me to see what’s coming in the future,” Haywood said. “It gives the kids an opportunity to meet me and see what my program over here at Glynn Academy is all about. Also, the parents can get an opportunity for me to interact with their children, and hopefully, it’s a positive interaction that they get from attending our camp.”

While Haywood wants to make sure he teaches the campers all the fundamentals he can, the biggest thing he wants them to do in these three days is to have fun with other kids playing the game.

“Hopefully they’ve had a lot of fun, and I hope they have learned some fundamentals,” Haywood said. “That’s my biggest thing is I want them to have a good time, learn some fundamentals, and hopefully decide they want to come play basketball for Glynn Academy.”

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