Glynn Academy’s football team continues preparations on Wednesday for the upcoming 2019 season.

Coach Rocky Hidalgo said it was a good preseason practice and one that had his kids fired up to be on the football field.

“It was a good practice, and I felt like we had good enthusiasm, and a lot of our kids were flying around,” Hidalgo said. “It’s been a good preseason practice thus far, not without some problems, but I like our kids. I think we have a good core group of kids and I think our chemistry is going to be good and I think it’s going to be a good football team.”

The leadership of this team came through on Wednesday. Throughout the practice, Jordan Swain encouraged his teammates, let them know when something wasn’t done right and held the younger guys accountable.

Starting quarterback, T.J. Lewis got in a lot of work Wednesday and looks like he gained some weight and a lot more comfortable. His throws were a lot crisper than in the spring, and it seems like he has worked hard this summer.

Hidalgo said that the staff is doing some different things with him this year to help him come along as a quarterback. This year will be Lewis’ second year as a quarterback.

“I think we got to get out and play some football games with him because we’re doing some different things,” Hidalgo said. “He had a year under his belt last year, and I think he’s going to be a year better. So we’ll see, and we’re doing some different stuff with him and that ought to be interesting.”

Glynn Academy’s fall scrimmage will be against Valdosta. Hidalgo said that they scheduled this scrimmage a year in advance, so it isn’t intentional that the Red Terrors get to face-off with the team who cut it short last year.

“They’re going to be really good, and they got a good group of kids coming back,” Hidalgo said. “I mean they’re going to be one of the ten best in the team in the state, and I think by the end of the season we’re going to be one of the ten best teams in the state. So it’s going to be a chance for us to get out there and thrust upon somebody who is not us and get an idea of what we need to work on.”

Glynn went over to Valdosta last year for the scrimmage, and Hidalgo said that it helped show what they as a team needed to work on and get better.

“We went over there last year, and it was an interesting evening, and it showed that we had a lot of work to do and we did have a lot of work to do,” Hidalgo said. “Sometimes, when you practice against yourself, those things are hidden. I think this team is going to grow into a really good football team and we’re going to see what we need to work on next Friday night.”

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