Glynn Academy’s football team wrapped up spring practice on Wednesday. The Red Terrors will host their annual spring game at the practice field at 4:30 p.m. on Friday.

For most of the spring, head football coach Rocky Hidalgo has had to share his star players with the track team. After finishing up with state on Saturday, Nolan Grant, Jaiden Miller, and Jaloren Coleman returned to the field, and it was evident.

Those three are quick and have incredible bursts of speed, and it was apparent when they got the ball unless they got tackled by the first defender, they were going to the end zone.

“It picks up our pace a little bit,” Hidalgo said. “Those guys are really good players, and they make us dangerous. In addition to them, we have Colman back as well, and those three guys are integral for our program.”

Glynn’s offense looked complete with those three out there, and it seemed to make quarterback T.J. Lewis look more comfortable taking reps.

Throughout the spring, the staff seemed to work on his throws and putting that touch on the ball. With Sam Wagner gone, it’s up to Lewis to be the guy, and Hidalgo likes where it’s going for the quarterback.

“He has improved a ton,” Hidalgo said. “I’ve been really impressed with him, the way he’s throwing the ball and running the offense. I think he has come a long way, and I’m excited to see him play on Friday nights.”

While Lewis is the starter, there is a rising freshman Jayden Drayton, that will likely end up being the backup and could see the field on Friday nights.

“He’s going to be a really good player,” Hidalgo said. “He’s a nice kid and a hell of a worker. He’s probably going to play somewhere for us on Friday nights, he may not start, but our plan is to introduce him some. Jayden’s got a chance to be the backup quarterback for us this year, play maybe in the secondary, or play on offense somewhere in the slot or wide receiver.”

Drayton isn’t even in high school yet and has already made some noise for the coaches. He doesn’t look like the average ninth grader, and his talent on the field shows that as well. Drayton’s abilities remind Hidalgo a lot of a former quarterback that graduated not too long ago.

“Jayden’s a really special kid and reminds me a lot of Deejay Dallas with his burst and his demeanor,” Hidalgo said. “He’s a high character kid like Deejay.”

Hidalgo talked about how he felt like the team had nine good days this spring even though he notes that it’s harder to get a teams morale up in the spring because there isn’t an opponent at the end of the week. However, Hidalgo seemed proud of the work the team has done so far this spring.

“I think our football team has come out here and worked hard every day and we’ve had great enthusiasm,” Hidalgo said. “We’ve got a couple of guys banged up, but there are no serious injuries and want to get out of here on Friday with everybody healthy. I like our team; I think it’s going to be a really good football team, and I’m excited to coach it.”

Glynn Academy’s spring game is on Friday at 4:30 p.m. at the practice field. The team will have light concessions there as well and urges families to come out and watch the Red Terrors.

Hidalgo broke down what he might do for Friday’s scrimmage instead of a traditional one like some schools do. He said that the team would do some first-team offense versus first team defense and focus heavily on the offense. Then Hidalgo talked about how he wants to see his guys compete.

“I think we will do some things that won’t be so much a scrimmage, but some practice type scenarios, we might do some seven-on-seven, some one-on-ones, competitive things,” Hidalgo said. “So that’s my goal Friday, to get some great work in but see if our kids compete. I want to put some scenarios in that’ll force them to be competitive and get after each other.”

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