Camden County hits the road this week as the Wildcats take on a ticked off Glynn Academy squad tonight.

While Camden might have had two weeks to get ready for this game, that extra time might not give the Wildcats much of an advantage. The last time the Wildcats had this long to get ready for a game was when Hurricane Dorian came through, and Camden struggled to beat Richmond Hill 24-20.

“Well, I’m curious to see how we come out of the open date,” said Camden head coach Bob Sphire. “We didn’t come out of the one from the Hurricane stuff very well for Richmond Hill, so that’s one of the things I’m going to be curious about. I’m also curious about our mental preparation. I worry about our guys getting a little full of themselves at this point. You know that kind of thing, but hopefully not. Hopefully, we’re ready to play a 48-minute game, which we really haven’t played this year.”

For the most part this season, the Wildcats have been able to do what they want on offense. Camden averages 42.75 points a game along with 176 yards through the air and 183.4 on the ground.

Senior quarterback Logan Watson is off to a hot start this season as he’s completed 52-of-87 passes for 859 yards, 12 touchdowns, and two interceptions. He also uses his legs at times to make plays as he’s got 15 carries for 51 yards and two scores.

Even though the quarterback can make plays with his legs, it’s going to be Jamie Felix and Daryl Williams, who will get a majority of the carries.

Felix already has two games with over 100 yards and has toted the rock 67 times for 525 yards and five touchdowns. He’s averaging 7.8 yards a carry and is only a sophomore. Williams is the older back of the two as the junior has 47 carries for 253 yards and three touchdowns. He’s averaging 5.4 yards a carry, so both guys are getting significant chunks of ground each time they touch it, so Glynn’s defense will have to find a way to stop these two.

“They’ve played really well this year, and I think its a combination with those guys with the growth of the offensive line,” Sphire said. “Both of those backs have really played well, and they feed off each other. They support each other, and I think they allow each other to stay fresh through the four quarters of the game, too, and that’s huge.”

However, Camden has a passing attack that can hurt defenses. Watson has the arm strength and has a talented receiver group to throw to. There are three wideouts with over 100 receiving yards.

Leading the receivers is junior Shawn Hardy with 15 catches for 315 yards and four touchdowns. He averages 21 yards a catch and 78.8 a game. Hardy is one of Watson’s favorite targets could create matchup problems for Glynn Academy’s secondary.

Andre Rogers has eight catches for 171 yards and two scores. He averages 21.4 yards a catch and 42.8 a game. Close behind him is Chamar Roberts with six catches for 161 yards and three scores. Roberts averages 26.8 yards a catch and 40.3 per game.

All three of those guys average for over 20 yards a catch and will likely get called upon to spread out Glynn’s defense.

Sphire said that some things he noticed about Glynn is the improvement in TJ Lewis’ play from last season and the playmaker the Red Terrors have in Jayden Drayton.

“Well, the quarterback with a year under his belt is much more composed and much more confident,” Sphire said. “He runs the offense effectively, and he’s an athlete. He’s a big kid that can hurt you running and throwing. So it starts there. They’ve got the young kid that’s a speedster that I think is potentially their next Deejay Dallas kind of kid, and you worry about him taking the top off of your coverage.”

However, according to Sphire, the deciding factor of the game could come down to the trenches.

“I think the thing that I always think is kind of a matchup in this kind of game is their O-line versus our d-line and our O-line against their d-line,” Sphire said. “That’s going to be the measuring stick of the game. Rocky’s always got a couple of things up his sleeve, particularly in the kicking game, so we’ve got to worry about that stuff too.”

Sphire said that one of the things he’s worried about this week is keeping his team from getting complacent and that humbling his kids is something the staff always works on with the players.

“It’s something you have to work on as a coach,” Sphire said. “Believe me; it’s something we’re trying to attack every day because our schedule is getting ready to get real. We know what we’re getting into against them tonight. Rocky always has his team ready, and I know what that loss meant last week and how they’re going to come out and play tonight.”

Camden’s looking to go 6-0 on the season and avoid dropping a game to Glynn Academy before the Wildcats head into region play. Kickoff is at 7:30 p.m. out at Glynn County Stadium.

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