Camden head coach Jeff Herron speaks to his team following a win this season at Glynn County Stadium.

Camden County travels to Tifton to take on the Tift County Blue Devils on Friday at 7:30 p.m.

After the team’s 34-31 overtime loss to No. 5 Colquitt County, head coach Jeff Herron was really proud of his team for how they played after an embarrassing loss to Warner Robins at the beginning of the month.

“Where we were two weeks before and how we were against Warner Robins, to come back and play the way we did against Colquitt I was extremely proud of them and the fight,” Herron said. “The emotions came out because we fell short again, and that’s just really hard to take.”

Although the Wildcats have been unable to walk away with more victories than their (4-4, 0-1) record indicates, Herron believes his team is close.

“I think we made progress almost every week,” Herron said. “Again, I think we are really close. The results have not shown up on the scoreboard. I told the players as long as we were improving and we are learning to hate to lose and learning to expect to win, which I believe they are, then we are making progress. It hasn’t shown up on the scoreboard yet and that’s the frustrating part of it.”

The Wildcats will take on a Blue Devils team that has struggled offensively to put points on the board during their two-game losing streak, averaging just five points in those contests.

Tift County’s new head coach Noel Dean has taken his team to a 5-3, 0-1 record thus far. Herron believes Dean and himself are in similar situations with their teams.

“I told our kids (Wednesday) that we are really alike,” Herron said. “Our situations are extremely similar right now. Who’s going to recover. We both lost our first region game last week. Who’s going to recover from that quicker. Who’s it going to mean more to this week and who can get their first region win. We are in a situation that we still have an opportunity to finish first in our region if things fall right. We got to win both games or we can finish fourth. Tift County is in the same situation, hopefully our kids will respond to that.”

Herron said his players know what’s at stake but aren’t looking past Tift County whatsoever.

“I think they know it,” Herron said. “Same situation as last year basically, I think they know that. We are not talking about that, we are just talking about finding a way to beat Tift County.”

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