Brunswick High has experienced plenty of growing pains over eight sessions of spring football practice.

But head coach Sean Pender is steadfast in his belief that, come fall, the Pirates will be better for their tribulations.

Although installation of new schemes, and some injuries, have slowed the pace of spring practice at times, Brunswick is trending in the right direction ahead of its Blue vs. Gold spring game Friday.

“You’ve got a lot of teaching that’s going on right now, and that teaching does slow it down a little bit,” Pender said following Tuesday’s practice. “It does take a little bit away, but there’s a lot of teaching going on. There’s a lot of good things going on.”

Pirates coaches were on players to give it their all in the second to last padded practice, especially on the defensive side of the ball.

First-year defensive coordinator Thomas Tedder is working to get his schemes installed properly before speeding up the aggressive 4-3 defense even more than it has been this spring.

Practicing against the attack-oriented defense hasn’t been easy for the Brunswick offense, which has worked to overcome the loss of its top two quarterbacks. Senior Anthony Mountain was already out for spring recovering from an ACL injury, but junior K.J. Lee also went down recently, leaving sophomore Jeffery Waye as the only healthy natural quarterback on the roster.

While Waye and converted receiver Tyrease Jones have had some struggles against a defense that hasn’t let up against inexperienced passers, Pender was optimistic about effect of the injuries on the future of the program.

“What an opportunity for Jeffery,” Pender said. “What an opportunity for Tyrease Jones to get in there to have these opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise.

“The thing about this too, by the time my other two quarterbacks get back, with all the reps that Jeffery and them are going to have, we’re going to be deep at the quarterback position.”

Despite some of the road bumps that have occurred thus far over the past eight practices, the Pirates believe its all part of the process.

“You’ve got to kind of look at the positive aspects of it as well,” Pender said. “You have growing pains, but to grow, you’ve got to go through those pains.”

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