Brunswick High’s football team wrapped up preparations for its scrimmage on Thursday with a treat.

David Brantley donated steaks, and the team gathered in Brunswick’s cafeteria to have a team meal. Due to the weather, practice was cut short, so the grilling began. There was a buzz in the cafeteria as both the players and coaches seemed excited about the scrimmage.

The Pirates head to Savannah today for their fall scrimmage against Beach High. The scrimmage will be set up like a regular game, but there will be no live special teams play.

Both teams will still kickoff, punt and kick extra points. There is just no rushing on those plays. If it’s fourth down, and the punt team is out there, it has to be a punt. Wherever the ball lands on those punts, that is where the possession will start. However, after the kickoffs, each offense will begin their drive on the 30-yard line.

The first half will consist of varsity play then at the beginning of the third quarter; it will be a mixture of varsity and junior varsity until the fourth quarter. Coach Sean Pender said that they would substitute throughout the game and the third quarter will be where we see a lot of the subbing.

As for the fourth quarter and the junior varsity play, the format there will be six minutes offense and six minutes defense. That way, both teams get an equal opportunity on both sides of the ball.

Brunswick heads into the scrimmage with a list of injuries as both Anthony Mountain and K.J. Lee are out at quarterback. Sophomore Jeffery Waye will be the starter for the Pirates in the scrimmage as he’s prepped all offseason to take over this role until Mountain or Lee return.

Chuckobe Hill will be limited to his time during the scrimmage today due to his knee injury. The Pirates are also missing Che’querdo Foy still and now three starting linebackers out for the scrimmage as well.

Brunswick does have a completely healthy offensive line which will help protect Waye and allow him to run the offense. The Pirates are also healthy in other areas, but losing those three linebackers is tough before the scrimmage.

“Beach is a good team to scrimmage against,” Pender said. “Beach will line up in the spread and turn around and come in a wing T, so they’re very multi in what they do offensively. The same thing defensively, they’ll probably start out with a 3-3 stack, and then they’ll go into a 3-4 formation. They’re very multiple and won’t give you the same look. So it’s pretty much like preparing for two teams at once. For a scrimmage game, that’s a good thing.”

Pender said that playing this kind of offense will help get his team focused and ready for multiple looks which could help them in their opening game of the regular season.

“Focus, it helps you because you don’t know what you’re going to get, so you have to prepare for both,” Pender said. “When teams do change up something, we’ve already seen it in the scrimmage. So in the first game of the season, if Coffee decided to switch to a three-man front from a four-man front, it’s no big deal because we’ve already seen it.”

The biggest thing that Pender wants his team to take away from the matchup against Beach is focusing and being able to handle traveling an hour away.

“Stay focus, play hard and expect to win are the things we talk about and if we do that then we’ll be in good shape,” Pender said.

Brunswick’s first game of the season will be Aug. 23 at 7:30 p.m. at Coffee County.

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