Kylie Young didn’t venture far from Coastal Georgia after finishing up her colligate softball career.

She traded in her Mariner jersey for a Pirate one as she begins her coaching career as Brunswick High’s assistant softball coach.

Brunswick hired softball coach Nicole Bailey earlier this year, and she snagged Young to be her assistant.

Bailey said that one of the reasons she hired Young as an assistant coach was because she and the girls can relate, not only by age group but with the fact that she just finished up her playing career.

“I’m away from the game for 10 years, so I’m more relaxed and a little bit more laid back with the girls,” Bailey said. “I think having an assistant coach who’s fresh out of the game helps. There are so many things she’s already taught me in the last couple of weeks. So being able to learn a lot from her and then she brings a dynamic of being a Division I athlete but also chose to come and play somewhere small, so she gives a lot to the kids and me.”

Young’s duties will include helping with the infielders, but also with their hitting. She is not only a talented defender but can smack the ball as well.

“She has a great swing, she can hit,” Bailey said. “That’s what we’re hoping is that she can help these kids out with their swings.”

In her final season at Coastal Georgia, Young had a .364 batting average and led the Mariners in walks with 19. Her nine home runs, 29 runs scored and 35 RBI’s were second on the team. Young collected 37 hits last year, including nine doubles.

Young was an incredible defender in college too as she posted a .929 fielding percentage last season.

It was only 65 days ago that she played her final game on the same field as a Coastal Georgia softball player. It was a double-header against USC-Beaufort, and the Mariners won both games. Those two wins allowed Coastal to tie with the Sand Sharks at the top of the conference rankings.

Those two wins set the Mariners up to make school history as Coastal Georgia went on to win its first-ever regular season conference title.

When asked what it meant to have her first coaching job be on the same field as she just finished playing on, Young said she wants to give back to the game that she loves so much.

“I mean I still have fresh wounds, I just finished playing softball, so I really didn’t want it to end,” Young said. “This game has given me so much. So all I want to do is to be able to give it back and hopefully inspire one of these girls to play college softball because it was some of the best years in my entire life so if I can do that for one girl that’ll do it for me.”

During practice on Wednesday, Young took a swing at a ball and sent it sailing over the fence like it was no big deal. The players cracked jokes with her saying, ‘If you hit it over the fence, you have to go get it.’ Like the trooper she is, Young trotted out to get it without hesitating.

“I took a swing out here today, and it was bittersweet,” Young said. “I’m teaching these girls the game that I love, but at the same time, I was just out here four months ago winning a regular season championship. So it’s kind of weird because it’s not me playing, I’m teaching, but I want these girls to have the same experience as I did on this field.”

Bailey said that her college coach gave her the opportunity to coach, and she wanted to do the same with Young.

Young seems ready to do whatever is needed of her and understands the chance she’s getting.

“Whatever Coach Bailey needs me to do, I’m ready to do it,” Young said about getting this chance to coach. “I’m excited to learn from her because she has an amazing past of coaching and playing softball. So to learn from her is an awesome opportunity.”

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