Centered on Wellness offers the NutrEval by Genova, which is a test for identifying nutritional deficiencies.

Do you want your engine just running or running well?

When we say engine, we really mean the body. What if we said there was a way to determine what your nutritional needs are … and that the guess work could be eliminated? Introducing NutrEval by Genova — covered by Medicare and most insurance companies. Now being offered at Centered on Wellness.

NutrEval kit provides “A comprehensive test for identifying nutritional deficiencies.” It is an advanced nutritional analysis designed to reveal nutritional imbalances or inadequacies. NutrEval evaluates the functional needs for antioxidants, B-vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, digestive support, and other select nutrients.

We have met many patients who say they take vitamins and supplements, when asked why do you take those they often reply by saying, “I saw it on Dr. Oz” or “my neighbor started taking it and they feel great.” While Dr. Oz shares some great insight and its good to hear that your neighbor is feeling better that doesn’t mean it’s the right supplement for you. Each of us is unique and require different supplements. In order to determine what is specifically needed to get you feeling great, you first need to start with a nutritional assessment to determine where your individual levels are.

The NutrEval by Genova is a nutritional analysis that offers insight into your nutrient status and allows the practitioners at Centered on Wellness to provide targeted treatment for the particular needs of each patient.

NutrEval testing is effective for patients experiencing:

• Weight issues or Dietary guidance.

• General health and sports fitness optimization.

• Mood disorders such as depression or anxiety.

• Fatigue /Chronic Pain/Inflammation Conditions.

• Digestive Complaints.

• Cardiovascular risk.

NutrEval tests the following things via blood and urine specimens:

• Vitamin and Mineral utilization and needs.

• Fatty Acids (includes Omega-3 and Omega-6).

• Digestive health.

The results from the NutrEval by Genova is a $2000 Value. NutrEval is covered completely by regular Medicare. Most medical insurance plans cover the test with a copay. Our providers at Centered on Wellness will conduct a thorough in-depth lab review, discussing the nutrient function, causes and complications of nutrient deficiencies. The lab review will conclude with a personalized treatment plan including suggested supplement recommendations based on test results. At Centered on Wellness, we will conduct the blood draw, process the kit, provide the consultation and lab review for $150.

What is Centered on Wellness?

Centered on Wellness is located at 1015 Arthur J Moore Drive, St. Simons Island, GA and can be reached at 912-638-0034. Founded by Dr. Diane Bowen, board certified plastic surgeon and owner of Golden Isles Center for Plastic Surgery, who believes in the philosophy of “whole person, well person” care. She has brought together like minded professionals to provide wellness care to our community. At Centered on Wellness we focus on nutritional assessment and management, hormone balancing, IV Nutrition Therapy, and weight management. Please visit our website at www.centeredonwellness.net to learn more. We look forward to working with you on your journey to wellness.

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