Hilary Kent and Dr. Harold Kent are pictured with the EMSella machine at Georgia Coast Surgical in Brunswick.

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Introducing EmSella, the FDA approved, non-operative treatment of female urinary incontinence. Georgia Coast Surgical & Med Spa is proud to be the first practice in Georgia with this state of the art device.

“Before we got this device, I didn’t realize that there were women out there who thought it was normal to feel like they might leak urine if they coughed or sneezed, but it’s not! Many of them thought that urinary incontinence meant that you had to wear a pad or diaper type of garment; that’s not the case, either. We’ve had such great feedback from patients who have received treatment for stress urinary incontinence with EMSella treatments,” said Dr. Kent, owner of Georgia Coast Surgical and Med Spa.

“Patients receiving the EMSella treatments can keep their clothes on during their treatment — as long as there is no metal below the waist. Treatments take 28 minutes and the treatment regiment is two treatments a week for three weeks. We can make adjustments so that patients from out of town can get a weekly treatment for six weeks.” In order for patients to protect their investment, Kent suggests a periodic retreatment when the patient feels the need.

Dr. Kent went on to explain that the EMSella device uses a very powerful 2.9 Tesla magnet to generate an electromagnetic wave. The electromagnetic force causes the pelvic floor muscles to comfortably contract almost 12,000 times in 28 minutes, thus strengthening those muscles which help with incontinence issues.

Current treatments for incontinence include the use of medications, hygiene products and often surgery. According to statistics, almost $900 is spent annually on pads and medications to control leakage. However, the average interval between the onset of incontinence and the need for surgery is only six and a half years. Women who elect to be treated with the EMSella device will save money over the long run as well as increase the likelihood of avoiding an operation. Most importantly, satisfaction rates for EMSella treatment far exceed the success rate of surgery and EMSella avoids the risks involved with surgery and anesthesia.

“I believe in necessary surgery — after all I’ve been a surgeon for over thirty years,” said Kent, “but when there’s something available that can prevent the need for an operation, I think that would be my first choice as well as the first choice of a lot of patients.” Kent noted there had been other devices on the market in the past that caused non-invasive contractions of the pelvic floor muscles, but didn’t have nearly as much power as the EMSella device. “The difference between those old devices and EMSella is like the difference between lightning and the lightning bug — to quote Mark Twain. I know we’ve got the best non-invasive treatment available!”

Consultations are always free. This includes all aesthetic services at Georgia Coast Surgical and Med Spa. Dr. Kent says, “We started doing all of these treatments based on patient demand. We are the premier provider of Coolsculpting in this area since we have a certified practice, two machines and four Coolsculpting University graduates. Recently we learned that we have done over 1,000 cycles of Coolsculpting. We also have a suite of BTL machines which includes Vanquish ME and Flex HD, Cellutone, and Exilis Ultra which makes us the area leader in these technologies which use radiofrequency and ultrasound to kill fat cells and tighten skin. Just recently we had Amber Casselbury, a certified eyebrow microblading technician, join our practice as an independent contractor. We’re very happy to have her here since we’ve learned that many people have had to go out of town for microblading.” EMSella and other aesthetic treatments offered at Georgia Coast Surgical & Med Spa, are not covered by insurance. Georgia Coast Surgical & Med Spa accepts all forms of payment, including Care Credit and LendingUSA. Discounts are offered at various times including monthly body sculpting parties where refreshments are served and the different treatments are explained and demonstrated. Drawings are held for door prizes which can include discounts toward treatments. Call 912-264-9724 to find out more about an upcoming event!

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