Dr. Suzanne Haley and Dr. Ashley Hill offer their patients a variety of services. Hill recently joined recently joined Haley at her practice on St. Simons Island.

On first glance, it seems like the office of Dr. Suzanne Haley is just a regular dentist’s office.

Like many general dental offices, the office of Dr. Suzanne Haley offers comprehensive general and cosmetic treatment for adults and children. But new and exciting things are happening at Dr. Haley’s office.

Dr. Haley’s office has recently welcomed a new associate, Dr. Ashley Hill. Originally from Fitzgerald, Ga., Dr. Hill received her Bachelor’s of Science degree at the University of Georgia then, moved on to receive her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry. Dr. Hill enjoys treating patients of all ages. While new to Saint Simons Island, she brings over 8 years of experience in general and cosmetic dentistry as well as endodontics to the office. Having Dr. Hill allows the practice to offer a multitude treatment options under one roof as well as offer extended office hours, including Friday appointments.

Recently, Dr. Haley was awarded a Fellowship from DOCS Sedation Dentistry for Conscious Sedation. Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective way for patients that are anxious about dental treatment to receive the care they need while being completely relaxed and comfortable. Dr Haley’s office has offered sedation dentistry for many years and she and her staff have had extensive training to ensure that patient’s every need is met.

Dr. Haley has also received her Fellowship from the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE). She travels, lectures, and teaches fellow colleagues how to treat chronic migraines, TMJ/TMD, and oro-facial pain with therapeutic Botox.

The practice is not just limited to helping patients maintain a healthy smile and positive oral health. Dr. Haley’s office treats more than just teeth. Dr. Haley travels and teaches for Glidewell Laboratory. She teaches other Dentist, like herself how to incorporate Dental Sleep Medicine into their practice and the importance of screening each patient. Are you contemplating a “Sleep Divorce”? Do you have a spouse or partner that snores and keeps you awake at night? Do they wake suddenly and feel tired during the day? These symptoms can be a warning sign of a more serious condition such as Sleep Apnea.

Dr. Haley works closely with Sleep Physicians, as well as patients Primary Physicians to ensure the health and wellbeing of every patient.

For those patients who have mild to moderate sleep apnea and cannot tolerate a CPAP, Dr. Haley offers a solution, Oral Sleep Appliance therapy. For many patients, this simple device can improve overall health and wellbeing by alleviating much sleep and breathing disorders, as well as snoring.

Dr. Suzanne Haley has been practicing for 26 years and takes pride in her experienced and highly trained staff. Her “outside of the box thinking” allows her to offer patients expanded services and options they may not find elsewhere.

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