Coastal Benefits

Jennifer Bell, left, and Brelynn DuMortier are licensed insurance brokers and owners of the Brunswick-based firm Coastal Benefits. The firm offers employee benefit management, insurance counseling and personal insurance services.

The world of insurance is complicated. 

Whether it's Medicare, employee benefits, whole or term life or disability insurance, there is no shortage of fine print and policy details to comb through. 

That's why smart insurance shoppers need a trusted friend in the business. Brunswick-based Coastal Benefits on Coral Park Drive is ready and excited to be that friend, offering the personal relationship and hometown service people in the Golden Isles deserve. 

Brokers Brelynn DuMortier and Jennifer Bell are experts in insurance and have the know-how to help companies find the best benefits packages for employees or navigate individuals through the complexities of coverage. 

"Insurance is the thing you never realize you need until you need it," said Bell. "A lot of people don't understand their coverage and, even though they're insured, they sometimes figure out too late it's not the right type of coverage, or it wasn't enough."

Coastal Benefits specializes in making sure their clients have the right type of insurance for the right situation — and especially at the right price. 

For companies, Coastal Benefits takes the same personal approach it takes with individuals. If a business is looking to provide competitive benefits for its employees, Bell and DuMortier will sit down with each member of the staff and discuss their needs.

Once they've gathered the information they need, the duo scours scores of plans from dozens of insurance providers to find the best options for the business owner. The owner can then take a look at the offerings and pick the right plan, whether it's health, dental, vision, disability or more. 

"We can also help with servicing new employees when a company hires someone," said Bell. "That can help take some of the stress off a human resources department, or even help out a small business owner if they don't have in-house HR."

On top of that help, Coastal Benefits can help make claims on clients' behalf, taking the guess-work out of tricky negotiations and sticky situations. The best part is that service doesn't cost companies any extra money.

"We are here to be your advocates, help you make claims and contact the insurance companies for you," Bell said.

Of course, it's not just companies that need insurance. Self-employed people, individuals who aren't covered at work and families need it, too. 

"With all the changes under Obamacare, insurance can be a thorny landscape to travel through all by yourself," said DuMortier. "Whether you're trying to find health insurance from a private company or sign up for Medicare for the first time, it helps to have a guide to help you find the path."

DuMortier is a Medicare maven and knows the ins and outs of the alphabet soup of Medicare parts — A, B, C and D. 

"It can seem pretty overwhelming to someone who's coming into the system for the first time," she said. "At it's core, Medicare is great because it covers a lot of your health-related expenses — but not all of them."

That's why having supplemental Medicare plans are important, DuMortier said. They can help incur the costs of prescriptions, doctor visits and other medical issues. 

"Medicare pays about 80 percent of the bills," DuMortier said. "That's why it's so important to have supplemental insurance, because you can end up with out-of-pocket costs. Most people who have supplemental insurance — you never hear from them, because they're taken care of."

Both DuMortier and Bell can help folks find the right type of life insurance, too. They're ready to explain the difference between whole and term life insurance, and the benefits and drawbacks of both.

"It never hurts to ask," said Bell. "Being ready for the unexpected is our business."

For more information about Coastal Benefits, 4000 Coral Park Drive in Brunswick, call 912-265-6909 or visit

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