What skills do you believe are most important for a coroner to have?

The Glynn County Coroner ideally has criminal investigative background and training, including an in-depth understanding of crime scene procedures at death investigations. The coroner also should have the ability to effectively manage a budget as well as the ability to successful coordinate services and processes with community partners. The coroner should ideally possess the ability to manage service contracts and identify opportunities to save costs for the taxpayers of Glynn County. Being inquisitive and experienced at putting together details and evidence to determine the circumstances of a death is very beneficial. And certainly of importance, the coroner needs to be calm, compassionate and responsive in serving the citizens of Glynn County.

What sets you apart from your opponent in that regard?

As a certified Georgia law enforcement officer and former criminal investigator, I have had a great deal of experience and training with death investigations, and have proven how that experience has enhanced my skills as the coroner. The coroner has many responsibilities or including working with the police and medical examiner’s office to determine the circumstances of each situation and to be an additional “set of eyes” on the facts and evidence. I have proven my ability to effectively serve the Glynn County community by working to modernizing all aspects of the coroner’s office’s operations while coming in under budget each year of my tenure.

With a proven successful track record of serving our community in my professional and volunteer service and, look forward to continuing to serve as the coroner of Glynn County.

Are there any issues or problems you would want to address in the coroner’s office if reelected?

As the current Glynn County Coroner, I will continue to modernize the operations of the coroner’s office to serve the citizens of Glynn County and to remain under budget in the future. My deputy coroners and I will continue to pursue ongoing training to provide the highest level of expertise and service possible to Glynn County.

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