Jackie Johnson

Jackie Johnson

Republican, District Attorney, Incumbent

Where are you from: Woodbine; originally from Alma

What is your profession: Have served as district attorney since 2010, and as an attorney for 23 years

Marital status: Single

Education: University of Georgia School of Law; B.B.A. in Finance from University of Georgia

What is your proudest moment?

I am proud to lead our district attorney’s office. The man responsible for beating eight people to death in a trailer park off Hwy. 17 is in prison for life without parole. The man who shot a baby in a stroller near downtown Brunswick is serving life in prison without parole. The Bloods member who ordered a retaliatory gang “hit” on a young man is serving life in prison without parole. The woman who drove her elderly mother into the Altamaha River and left her to die is serving life in prison. The man who began raping his step-daughter when she was in the sixth grade in Camden County is serving life in prison. In Glynn County, 54 gang members responsible for crimes such as murder, burglary, child molestation and aggravated assault have been identified and sentenced under the Georgia Criminal Street Gang Act.

These things don’t just happen. They result from the hard work of our district attorney’s office.

We have been recognized by our colleagues with the Glynn County Bar Association’s Liberty Bell Award in 2019, the U.S. Attorney’s Project Safe Neighborhood Award in 2018 and the Georgia Gang Investigators Association Award in 2018.

The Georgia Supreme Court and Court of Appeals rule in our favor in 90 percent of criminal appeals.

What makes you a better candidate for this position than your opponent?

I am a Republican and with your support will continue to lead the district attorney’s office with conservative values.

Our 45 staff members not only succeed for you in court, but possess character and a moral compass essential for making tough decisions that affect the quality of criminal justice in our community. You can trust us to do what is right, though not always popular or even understood.

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