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The Brunswick News has been the most reliable source for news on Georgia's lower coast since 1902.

Founded by brothers C.H. Leavy and L.J. Leavy, the paper has covered more than a century's worth of news and remains under Leavy family ownership, making it one of the oldest family-owned newspapers in Georgia and one of the few family controlled newspapers left in the nation. Today, the newspaper is under the ownership of a fourth generation of Leavys and is under the direction of publisher C.H. Leavy IV.

From the doings of America's industrial millionaires on Jekyll Island in the early 20th century to the destructive force of hurricanes Matthew and Irma in the 21st century, The News has reported every major story of consequence to the community, the state, the nation and the world.


How to submit news to The News

The News is committed to being "The Voice of the Coast" and welcomes reader input, assistance and participation in the process of gathering, reporting and distributing the news. Submit news using our online form or via regular mail. Submissions should be typewritten in brief, but thorough, form and include the signature and telephone number of the person submitting the information. Submit news to:

The Brunswick News

Attn: Newsroom

P.O. Box 1557

Brunswick, GA 31521

Or use this online form


What's in The Brunswick News

The News is published Mondays through Saturdays. Local news is the big focus of The News' coverage. The News also provides a comprehensive report on the day's national and global events. For local news, contact: Buddy Hughes, at (912) 265-8320 or use this online form.


The Sports section keeps local fans informed about their favorite local, state and national teams, as well as sports abroad, every day. We also celebrate the achievements of local athletes, anglers and teams. Contact: Derrick Davis, sports editor, at (912) 265-8320, ext. 319, or use this online form.


Obituaries, Monday through Saturday: Obituaries for individuals with direct connections to The News circulation area of Glynn and McIntosh counties, and containing similar types of information, are published. Obituaries should include the following information: full name and brief biography (such as place of birth, education, employment and special interests) of the deceased; date of death; time and place of funeral and burial; name of funeral home; name and city of residence of immediate family survivors (spouse, children, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters) and number of grandchildren.

Family-placed obituaries, which may contain additional information or tributes, are paid.

If you have questions about practices The News follows for obituaries, call Alan Broz at (912) 267-5991, or by e-mail.


Life, Monday through Saturday: The Life section includes coverage of community activities, events and organizations.

Within the Life section is the Community Life Bulletin Board, a place where people can post their news about community and civic activities. To help you see your news in The News, it is helpful to our editors if all items are typed and include a contact phone number. Information and releases received are published largely in the order received, and publication dates cannot be guaranteed. Either printed photographs or digital photographs may be submitted. Photographs that are out of focus or of poor image quality, Polaroid prints and computer images printed on ordinary paper do not reproduce well and cannot be used.

Contact: Lindsey Adkison, Community Life editor, at (912) 265-8320 , ext. 346, or use this online form.


Business, Monday: The Business section includes local and state stories. On the local level, The News accepts items recognizing businesses and their progress. Our business pages are published every Monday. Submissions must be received by noon two days before publication. Items should be brief and typed. Mail to:

The Brunswick News

Attn: Business News

P.O. Box 1557

Brunswick, GA 31521

Or use this online form


Celebrations, Monday: We help you share the news of engagements, new marriages, 50th and higher anniversaries and births. To make sure that we have all of the necessary information, we ask that wedding, engagement, anniversary and birth forms be filled out on our website.

  • Engagement announcements must be received no later than six weeks prior to the wedding but will not be published more than three months before the wedding. Because of the local focus of The News, engagement announcements must have a connection to The News' readership area: Either the fiancee, fiancé, a parent or grandparent must currently reside in the area. A photo of the future bride and groom can run with the announcement.
  • Wedding forms and photos need to be in our office no later then one month after the wedding date for consideration. Because of the local focus of The News, wedding announcements must have a connection to The News' readership area: Either the bride, groom, a parent or grandparent must currently reside in the area. Wedding photos should be of the bride or bride and groom in wedding attire.
  • Anniversary information must be submitted within 30 days of the anniversary or celebration.
  • Other announcements (new arrivals, military news and of personal achievements), should be submitted in a timely manner. Submit this type of news by mail:

The Brunswick News

    Attn: Community Life
    P.O. Box 1557

    Brunswick, GA 31521

    Or use this online form


Coastal Scene, Saturday: The Coastal Scene page brings a local flavor to the Entertainment section that publishes daily, offering tips for things to do, see and taste over the weekend. To submit news, contact Coastal Scene Editor, at (912) 265-8320. Notices of entertainment events may be e-mailed to news@thebrunswicknews.com, faxed to 280-0926 or mailed to:

The Brunswick News

Attn: Coastal Scene

P.O. Box 1557

Brunswick GA 31521

Or use this online form


Faith Matters, the church calendar, provides local churches a platform to announce special church activities on a weekly basis. The deadline for Sunday through Friday events is 5 p.m. the preceding Thursday. Saturday events must be submitted two weeks in advance. Mail to:

The Brunswick News

Attn: Enlightenment

P.O. Box 1557

Brunswick, GA 31521

Or use this online form


Online edition

The News publishes a complete digital edition of each day's print edition available to print subscribers and online-only subscribers. Print subscribers can activate their free online access by visiting this link.


How to send a letter to the editor

The News welcomes the public's opinions in its "Letters to the Editor" portion of the Commentary page.

Letters to the editor on topics of general interest should be 250 words or less and contain the signature, address and telephone number of the author. Addresses and telephone numbers will not be published, but are used for verification. The letters section will not include letters sent to others. Letters are subject to standard editing for conciseness and clarity. To have your letter considered for publication, send your letter to:

The Brunswick News

Attn: Letters to the Editor

P.O. Box 1557

Brunswick, Georgia 31521


E-mail: editor@thebrunswicknews.com and place Letter to Editor in the subject field

Fax: (912) 280-0926

Or use this online form


Our other publications

In addition to its daily newspaper, The News also publishes Coastal Illustrated, a biweekly newspaper covering social and civic activities, Golden Isles Magazine, a bimonthly lifestyle magazine, and News & Advertiser, a free distribution select market coverage newspaper.


How to use The News in school

The News encourages organizations to promote the reading of newspapers. Our Newspapers in Education program is designed to show elementary through high school students how to use a newspaper to their benefit. Newspapers are and will always be the most credible source for educating the public.

Contact: Circulation department at (912) 265-1104, ext. 365, or by e-mail.


How to subscribe to The News

Have our newspaper delivered daily to your home or business. There is no better source for getting all the local news. We keep you on top of your community's happenings. We also provide a strong mix of state and national news, as well as national columnists, sports columns and much more. You owe it to yourself to subscribe today.

To subscribe call (912) 265-1104 or use this online form.


Did you miss your newspaper?

If you are a subscriber and did not receive your newspaper, please call our circulation department at (912) 265-1104 before 10 a.m. Mondays through Saturdays for re-delivery.


How to advertise in The News

Promote your business through The News. Why? Because we enjoy the highest and most reliable household penetration around the southeast coast of Georgia. We circulate into the households of Glynn and McIntosh counties. This coverage equates to approximately 40,000 people who pick up our paper daily to find the best deals and the biggest news around Georgia's coast. We also have the highest readership on St. Simons Island, Sea Island and Jekyll Island.

Do you have pre-printed material? The News can provide the most economical route for delivering your message. There is no hassle with high postage cost, and most important of all, your message doesn't lose its clout like "junk mail." For information on display advertising that appears in news sections of the newspaper, contact advertising director at (912) 265-8320, or by e-mail.


How to sell your "stuff," find a car, get a job or rent an apartment

We are proud of our classified advertising section, and so are our customers who regularly use it. The best place to hire a new employee, to sell a big or small piece of real estate or to get rid of used items is in The News Classifieds. Call Alan Broz or Jenny Barrow at (912) 267-5991 or use this online form.


Join our team

If you would like to be considered for employment with The News, please send your resumes to the appropriate department head at:

The Brunswick News

P.O. Box 1557

Brunswick, GA 31521


Department heads:

  • Advertising: Jenn Agnew, director of sales + marketing
  • Newsroom: Buddy Hughes, managing editor
  • Production: Marty Turner, production manager