I challenge Americans 35 and under to thoroughly research and investigate the promises offered by newly elected politicians — free income, free housing, progressive income tax, free college, free health care, guaranteed job, free transportation and public ownership of all assets.

And their promises, they will deliver — a menial job with menial pay, a 400sq. ft. apt for your family, poor quality of life, no assets, food shortages and long lines for what little there is, college education taught by disinterested professors, national health care with poorly trained doctors and nurses, state run banks and media to strengthen the stranglehold on the proletariat. Your guaranteed job will be turning the light switch on/off at a museum or cleaning the steps of the palatial party headquarters. How about some conscript military service? Gone are the days of human truths of life, liberty and happiness.

For 20 years I lived and worked in communist/former communist countries. I’ve lived, seen, heard, smelled, tasted, and drank it. Communism/socialism is oppression. I’ve been inside the squalor of a state provided apartment and worked with the people earning $250 month and struggling to feed their families. No freedom. No opportunity. No independence. No hope. The only guarantees, more struggles to survive.

Read Marx and Engels’ “The Communist Manifesto.” You will find everything the wolves of today are promising you plus violence. Lastly, I challenge you to visit Moldova, Romania, Poland or Ukraine and hear what it was like to live under a violent communist/socialist regime.

Frank Klonoski

St. Simons Island

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