Got a chuckle out of George Will’s article on Seattle lawsuit. Believe George still thinks that he resides in the old “law and order” America. Things have changed in 2020 and sane justice is one of them — just ask the burnt out/looted business owners across America. We are riding a new “Progressive Justice Wave” that says, among many abnormalities, that rioting, looting and arson are considered peaceful protesting, criminals are victims and policing should be abolished.

Arrested criminals are quickly released, generally without bail, and prisons are opened, public safety be damned. Every police confrontation becomes an excuse to wreck another section of a city. San Francisco decided shoplifting a thousand dollars a day is reasonable, causing Walgreens to close stores. Public drug taking, fouling of sidewalks and aggressive panhandling are ingrained in 2020 city life.

America learned that looting is a form of “take-it-yourself” welfare and breaking into and burning stores/businesses is a form of community togetherness. Cities’ answer to owners of destroyed/looted business and properties is “to buckle up and enjoy the ride.” Across America, Progressive DAs are revising criminal codes to excuse criminal behavior with total disregard for public safety, all in the face of exploding violent crime rates and crippled policing.

I wouldn’t bet a dime on the Seattle lawsuit bearing fruit, and I only wonder what future unanswered 911 calls will portent. Maybe saner voters.

Pete Richmond

St. Simons Island

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