The rhetoric from the right, and misleading and often wrong attacks are already piling up, and will only get worse until the election. Racism, discrimination and immigration in America are some of many challenges for Republicans. For far too long, many in America have been discriminated against Native Americans, Blacks, Latinos, other minorities, women, the gay community and immigrants. For years we have lived with institutionalized racism in this country out of fear. We need to change. The problem is, too many people are afraid of change:

GOP supporters who think Blacks should just get over slavery;

Republican legislators who want to pass a law that would discriminate against the gay community;

A Republican governor who stole an election in part by violating voting rights;

Republican legislators who want to put the government between women and their doctors;

Members of Congress who want to gut the Civil Rights Act and don’t think we need the Voting Rights Act;

A Republican senator who thinks America is no longer racist since a Black president was elected;

A president who wanted to execute the Central Park Five and won’t apologize;

Republicans who think it is still OK to trample Native American rights and attack immigrants.

Democrats are not asking to give anyone special treatment, but to give everyone the opportunity to be successful on their own, free of the discrimination of the past. Democrats are pointing out the problems that exist, while Republicans try to ignore our problems.

We must do better.

Jerry Dagen

St. Simons Island

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