The June 1 paper seemed to run in the vein of pushing the left wing side of the Letters to the Editor in order to push the anti-Trump variety of the news fit to print.

I am real sure that if Pelosi and HRC got into any kind of ruling power, we would again be out of jobs, selling our radium to Russia and end up getting another $125 million in the Clinton slush fund. Slick Willy would get another chance to give a speech to the Russians for $500,000.

We are overrun with illegal aliens and the Democrats say there is no problem on our southern border. But when our president offered to send a bunch to the liberal cities, they loudly said no.

We don’t want them in our back yard, send them to the red states. So much for caring for the attacking herd who proudly fly their previous country’s flag, just to show their flaunting of our borders and laws.

God help us if HRC, Pelosi and Schumer get any more power than they have now. We will turn into potty city like San Francisco.

L.J. Vsetecka


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