Abortion rights will affect almost every family. Maybe your daughters or granddaughters have not yet experienced an unanticipated pregnancy. Maybe your sons or grandsons have not yet learned that the girl they had sex with is pregnant. Despite the best intentions of responsible adults, however, you cannot control all of the circumstances, legal or unlawful, that may lead to pregnancy. I came of age before the protections afforded by Roe existed. Young pregnant girls were often unable to finish school and rarely went on to achieve their educational or economic goals. Similarly, plans that boys made for their own careers were often cut short if they unexpectedly found themselves supporting a family. I believe that we want better lives for our children. We want our girls to become their best selves and to become mothers only if they are ready. We want them to finish school and to become productive adults. We want the same for our sons. We don’t want our children to lose academic opportunities, athletic careers, military options or the chance to become good adult parents because the law requires them to become parents before they are psychologically or financially ready.

We must preserve the right of our daughters and granddaughters to decide for themselves whether or when to have a child. We cannot permit our legislature or courts to force our children to become parents.

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