I didn’t agree with last Wednesday’s Op-Ed on school vouchers. More importantly, thousands of low-income mothers in many major cities also don’t agree with the voucher negativity. For many concerned parents, the vouchers offer an escape from poor and dangerous public schools.

The Washington, D.C. school system has not found the answer to quality education, even with a budget of over $29K per student. Eighth-grade students recently tested at 32 percent proficient at grade level English and 27 percent proficient at grade level math. System graduation rate is projected at 42 percent for 2019 after a massive fraud investigation determined less than 200 graduates out of 2300 had satisfactory attendance in 2018.

There are few major city public school systems that have successfully educated the majority of their students. Decade after decade, American students test poorly against European and Asian countries in the Third International Mathematics and Science Study [TIMSS].

Unfortunately for American inner city education, the same progressive genius that is turning our Western cities into drug-fueled homeless Hades have decided that discipline should be determined by race, not actions.

To be trapped in a city like Philadelphia without a voucher system indentures you to third-world facilities, classroom violence/bullying and educational skills 70 to 80 percent below state averages.

It would be grand to believe someone will ride to the rescue of thousands of inner city students who want a quality education in a safe harbor, but with most progressive politicians and their Teacher Unions railing against vouchers, don’t bet on a happy ending.

Pete Richmond

St. Simons Island

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