It amazes me that people put forth declarative sentences about a new policy that they obviously have not read.

The letter from Tony Baker assumes that the new policy will make voting harder for Blacks. That is a racist comment assuming only Blacks have a problem showing ID or getting a ride to the polls. The new rules actually give more opportunities to vote and are attempting to stop the mail-in ballots that flooded the country during our last election.

Why is having a valid reason to request a mail-in ballot (as opposed to random and multiple ballots being mailed to people who did not request them) a problem? Why is asking for ID a problem when in-person voters have to show ID? And where on earth did he get the idea that there was no problem.

That is done, but it is time to improve the security of our system for all future elections to avoid the problems we experienced all over the country in the last election.

Iris Marshall


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