No one debates the need for a safe, secure and welcoming animal shelter.

The debate arises over whether the available 1.3 million dollars of SPLOST funds will achieve that result when the new construction estimate has reached $3.8 million. There are many issues that need to be addressed at the current shelter including — but definitely not limited to — resurfacing the interior of the kennel building, upgrading heating and air system, restructuring and enhancing kennel fencing, filling low lying areas at the perimeter of the property and expanding parking area. All of these challenges can surely be resolved with the available $1.3 million in SPLOST money that has been budgeted.

The current location does have drainage issues, which can be remedied and have not caused insurmountable problems to the residents in the neighborhood, including the Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia. High visibility and proximity to a well-traveled Highway 17 will only increase the chance for more passersby to consider stopping to adopt.

Delaying upgrades and modernization of the Glynn County Animal Shelter with funds available now, in the hope that millions of dollars will appear for a new building is short-sighted and does a disservice to the animals, staff and general Glynn County community.

Do the right thing and make the necessary modifications to the existing shelter in its existing location.

Moving to the “highlands” of Glynn County west of I-95 will involve unforeseen sewer expenditures, and the cost will continue to climb.

Barbara Sancomb

Jekyll Island

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