The GOP and Trump keep trying to scare Americans about immigrants, and sadly some people keep taking the bait. Using the fear of ‘others’ is a tried and true political ploy, something the GOP relies heavily on.

Some people need to be reminded we are all immigrants. Unless you are a Native American, you are an immigrant. If people want to keep shouting ‘immigrants go home,’ I bet the Native Americans would be happy with that.

But Native Americans worked with new immigrants, wave after wave of immigrants. If anybody has a right to complain, the only ones who have a right to complain about immigrants are Native Americans. They suffered greatly, and we still owe them a great debt.

Instead of the continued fear mongering about immigration, we need real solutions. Democrats offered a comprehensive immigration reform plan that addressed security, current immigration laws, and how to address the immigrants already here. The GOP decided they didn’t want to work with Democrats, and are therefore responsible for the growing problems at our southern border.

The GOP wants to continue using immigration as one more political tool, instead of addressing it seriously. We need real leadership on this issue, which we won’t get from the current White House. We need to show real humanity like the Native Americans did, which we won’t get from the current White House. We need a real plan, not more fear mongering and hate.

We are all immigrants.

Jerry Dagen

St. Simons Island

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