Democratic candidates are campaigning for universal health care for everyone, including illegal immigrants. Bernie Sanders claims it will lower costs. They use Canada and Western Europe’s programs as a comparison. The problem is they aren’t comparable.

Our government has proven it can’t manage Medicare and Medicaid. Even former Attorney General Eric Holder claimed that the combined fraud of these two programs ran as high as $180 billion a year.

One of the candidates bragged that government programs were less expensive because their administration cost was only 2 percent. A former emergency room doctor told me that is one of the main problems. These programs don’t have the staff for needed oversight, thus don’t prosecute most of those submitting fraudulent claims. I suggest hiring laid off insurance claim adjusters to fill the void.

At 36.2 percent, we have the highest per capita obesity rate in the world. Obesity is usually accompanied by expensive lifestyle health problems including diabetes and high blood pressure. There have to be incentives to improve people’s lifestyles.

The U.S. pays between two to six times more for prescription drugs than the rest of the world. Other countries buy drugs in large blocks to negotiate much lower costs. Many of our politicians receive money from drug company lobbyist and don’t want to be weaned off of this revenue source, and drug companies spend a fortune on needlessTV commercials and aggressive selling to the medical profession.

If these issues aren’t resolved, universal health care will bankrupt our nation.

Brian Blue

St. Simons Island

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