I’m not worried about Nancy’s unwalled home, she has tax money protection. But, I do worry that my grandchildren will eventually pay a penalty for being born in “the West.”

Having failed miserably to buy the third world out of generations of poverty and corruption, the UN has decided that the ultimate answer is a sanctioned invasion of Western nations. Labeled the UN Migration Pact, signed in Marrakesh on Dec. 10, this agreement credits geography as the crux for determining a successful vs. a failed state. Birth in America is an unfair advantage, therefore deny national borders and advocate a global society where people are free to move as “global citizens.”

Destination nations will have no say on those wishing to partake in their largess. Hard to deny what is happening in today’s Europe, millions of third world refugees, mostly young males, storming the borders of EU Nations. The hammer in the UN Migration Pact is that any negative discussion will be labeled “hate talk” and prosecuted.

No more national borders, no more national restraints on immigration, and redistribution of the Western economic pie.

South Africa is about to answer the question of private vs. community land ownership. Our coming generations, living in their open borders world may yield the quaint custom of private land and home ownership. Why should some have homes while others don’t?

Will private ownership go the way of national borders, a question our grandchildren may well answer.

Pete Richmond

St. Simons Island

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