Truth is realized, often with killing clarity, just as chaos descends. Great truths are learned in times like now, when order drifts nearest to chaos.

Order, like our beloved communities and neighborhoods. Chaos, like climate change, pandemic and civil war.

Pain is the only thing true for all of us, though pain for a Wall Street banker, or a St. Simons homeowner, may be different from pain for a laid-off fast food worker in Brunswick, poor folk without Medicaid in Nahunta, a restaurant owner in Waycross, or a cancer patient without pre-existing coverage in Jesup.

What’s allowing all this pain is us. And what was it happened to us so long ago that divided us like this? Was it Vietnam — so ugly, ugly as now — or maybe some inevitable, inborn human death-wish we share.

Interestingly, the more skillfully we navigate the line between chaos and order, the more our actions come to resemble those of Him who would handle things better if He were to be found anywhere among us. Has anybody seen Him by the way?

Chaos followed Him as much as peace. It’s true because though He lived in peace, He stayed at the edge of chaos and acted in truth. Truth is always the moving target, always that wavy line separating order from chaos. We have to pay attention.

For Him, truth finally came down to sacrifice. Sacrifice was what He was about.

What shall we sacrifice for peace? Let there be light.

Tony Baker

St. Simons Island

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