A few years ago, the residents of Jordan Lane, St. Simons Island, went to the Board of Commissioners for a ruling on a lot owner that wanted to build townhouses on Jordan Lane. The commissioners voted unanimously against the proposal because Jordan Lane is a substandard street (two cars cannot pass each other on the street).

Village Drive going through German Village is a substandard street. Land trust and county commissioners, are you planning to cut down live oaks and pave part of German Village residents’ yards to accommodate more traffic?

The Lord gave the land trust a beautiful new office on a property with many live oaks. He also gave the county commission their jobs, voted into office by trusting constituents.

Both the land trust and county commissioners who voted against German Village residents have stirred up distrust and bad public relations on this blessed island.

The Lord blessed you with your positions of public service, and you have dishonored His trust.

Joan Kile

St. Simons Island

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