Patriots win the Super Bowl. March Madness and Opening Day on the horizon, and Trump has been president for two years. Yet like a choreographed Bolshoi ballet, Trumpophobes continue their merciless attacks, acts of intimidation and censorship on him, his wife and children, his supporters and political agenda.

Trumpophobes can’t come to grips with the fact Trump won the presidency.

They invested boatloads of money to win the election — over a billion dollars by some accounts. The Electoral College was a landslide victory for Trump. Prior to Election Day, Trumpophobes predicted HRC would win big in the EC and daily paraded that sentiment.

Of course, she didn’t and now Trumpophobes call the system bad and archaic and want to do away with the EC.

Trumpophobes’ new tactic is a scorched earth policy towards Trump similar to Hitler’s Nazi Army as they retreated after defeats to Soviet forces in places like Stalingrad, Chisinau and Cherkassy — annihilate everything in your path.

I mused, how do these folks deal with other failures or defeats in their lives — like divorce, or their kid losing a soccer game, or messing up their New Year’s resolution? Well-adjusted adults move on.

When my Russian Spaniel Daisy was a pup, I took her to obedience training.

One of the first commands she learned was “release.” The command given a dog when you want them to let go of an object. Perhaps Trumpophobes can learn something from man’s best friend. God bless those who step up to protect democracy.

Frank Klonoski

St. Simons Island

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