On this date, I read three things that got me thinking:

1: Frank Klonoski’s letter to the editor, in which he unleashed quite a diatribe against the Mueller investigation, implying that Mueller was likely being paid a chunk of the $22 million (Frank’s figure, un-substantiated) cost.

2. Pete Richmond’s letter, in which he grossly overstated the impact of MS-13.

3. Today, Viktor and Amalija Knaus became U.S. citizens as a result of the the U.S. “family reunification policy,” which Trump disparagingly calls “chain migration.” Trump has been railing against this policy for the last two years, riling his base about the possibility that a person of color who becomes a citizen could bring his or her family to the U.S. from their home country.

Funny, but nobody seems to be all that worked up about Mr. and Mrs. Knaus. Why? They are the parents of Trump’s third wife, who is an immigrant herself. And they are white.

I suspect that Frank and Pete’s assertions would wither in the sunlight of actual facts. It appears that too many of us are relying on the conspiracy theories and lies that constantly spew from Trump, and from Hannity, Limbaugh and all the others who call themselves “journalists” when they’re actually just entertainers.

It’s high time that all of us start fact-checking Trump, and acknowledge that much of his policies are based on racial animus and outright lies.

Bob Thigpen

St. Simons Island

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