In 1999, President Clinton was impeached, charged with perjury and obstruction of justice related to an affair with an intern.

Fast forward to the present where rumors abound.

In 2016, one candidate with political baggage was pitted against a candidate whose past behavior in an ordinary time would have scuttled his campaign. Verbal assaults against his political peers had catapulted him to the front and an eventual win.

During the campaign, intelligence uncovered Russian interference. FISA granted surveillance of individuals in contact with Russia including members of the Trump campaign. Russia promoted Trump to defeat Clinton. The Trump campaign welcomed their interference.

Because of these events, the Special Counsel was created. Immediately the President tried to shut down the investigation. The Mueller report provides several attempts to “obstruct.”

To view these events singularly is to ignore the other aspects of Trump’s narcissism. He harnesses fear and hate to promote himself. His narrative encourages the dark side in his followers. His lies are thousandfold. He dismisses Congress to govern by fiat. He ignores the “Rule of Law.” He surrounds himself with servile toads.

Bewildering are the decent conservatives who ignore our destructive course. Republicans have forced on themselves the most profound consideration about what they stand for. To date, they have proved they are willing to blow up the system to win. By acquiescence they allow the Constitution to “slip under the boots of arrogance, indifference and abuse.”

Jim Norris

St. Simons Island

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