Love Trump, hate Trump, there is no middle ground. Embrace or punch the nearest MAGA hat.

The Obama regime’s hatred had the DOJ, FBI and CIA conspire to first, deny him the election and second, falsely impeach him on a totally fabricated Russian plot. This hatred trumped any/all national concerns.

Trump is the only western leader concerned for the future of his country, its culture and its citizens. Our globalists have collectively thrown their countries, cultures and citizens under the U.N. migration bus. Their governance convinced their citizens not to procreate and this dooms them to become refugees in their own countries.

The Merkel/Macron globalists see Trump as a defender of western culture and an opponent of U.N.’s creeping Jihadism. The destruction of the western culture won’t cure the misery of the third world.

European Leaders admitted in 2011 that their multiculturalism experiment failed, but the genie had left the bottle.

Voters can visit L.A., San Francisco, Seattle or Baltimore to witness life under Democratic rule, rampant homelessness, unpoliced street criminality, armed gangs and schools majoring in indoctrination not education. The middle class can no longer afford California housing. Chicago’s 20-year street war, murdering over 14,000 and wounding over 60,000, will continue, while politicians blame the police.

Trump is the only hope of America’s weary middle class, as his opponents gleefully pile blame upon blame on them for past and future ills. Make no mistake L.A. is not an accident. It is the Dems’ vision of your future.

Pete Richmond

St. Simons Island

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