I read with great interest the letter “History will not be kind to Trump’s America.”

Having grown up in Glynn County, I still enjoy reading the Brunswick News daily online. It keeps me close to my roots.

I must however bring to the attention of the letter writer something that seemingly never registers with the liberal. First, to get someone like Trump elected, you must have what I as a retired banker refer to as a “caused asset to correlate to a result.” What the letter writer and most liberals never seem to grasp is that the nation wasn’t built on socialism or its tenets. The Democratic Party has been dining out on that since LBJ and his “Great Society” for votes.

The nation has now elected what many will agree is a self aggrandizing ego maniac in Donald Trump — a sometimes brutish lout and a liar not seen since either of the Clintons. So if you’re looking for blame on why he was elected, then I can give you that answer. The nation was as divided more in the previous eight-year administration than it has been at any time since the War Between The States. It makes the 1960s look like “party time.” So to be succinct, if you don’t wish for this to happen, then don’t elect someone who would be the caused asset to end in this result. That caused asset is only one word. Obama.

Douglas Middleton


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