Driving to vacation in north Georgia, my wife and I drove through the small-town agricultural and manufacturing counties along U.S. Highway 441. Doing so allowed us to see with great clarity why Donald Trump won the election, and it was certainly not because anyone condoned his moral failings, any more than we who voted for Bill Clinton condoned his, which were as bad or worse. (Clinton, it may be said, did at least understand government and proved competent in his stewardship of it.)

The millions of jobs that came back under President Obama were in the technical, service, government and financial sectors, which is to say in the cities where Mrs. Clinton’s campaign flourished, despite her ineptitude as a candidate.

But the agricultural and manufacturing jobs of fly-over and drive-through, America have for 30 years been laid upon the alter of internationalism — trade agreements and alliances that benefit all participant corporations in general and destroy whole agricultural and manufacturing communities in specific.

And that’s the whole ballgame for these people; appealing to their resentments by fear-mongering and scapegoating immigrants and Muslims is just standard Republican politics for any occasion.

Donald Trump is not the repository of anyone’s dreams or aspirations, that is ridiculous on the face of it. He’s an obscenity and will accomplish nothing, if he does not get us into war. But he is a hair-festooned middle finger offered to the status quo for its consideration.

Tony Baker

St. Simons Island

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